Pregnant women often get angry and get angry. What effect does it have on the fetus?

After pregnancy, many mothers are happy and excited, but also mixed with some \”sensitivity\” and \”melancholy\”. Concerns such as these make many mothers often fall into anxiety… In addition to changes in hormone levels in the body, so many thoughts are also one of the important reasons why pregnant women become sensitive and irritable. The case is like that of Xiaoli, a mother born in the 1990s. After she became pregnant, she was originally generous, considerate, and reasonable, but in the eyes of her husband, she became more and more unreasonable! Every time after get off work, if her husband comes home a little late, Xiaoli will definitely get angry, check her cell phone in various ways, and show all kinds of distrust. It was okay at first, but as time went by, Xiaoli\’s husband couldn\’t bear it anymore. During this pregnancy, the contradiction between the young couple became more and more serious. Moreover, Xiaoli\’s husband couldn\’t understand why his wife, who was usually so considerate and gentle, had become so nervous after becoming pregnant. Just after a fierce quarrel and anger, Xiaoli suddenly suffered from abdominal pain. Xiaoli\’s husband was so frightened that he took his wife to the hospital for examination. The doctor\’s examination results were: \”Because the pregnant woman has been hesitant and irritable for a long time, As a result, the fetal heart rate is unstable, miscarriage is easy to occur, and the probability of premature birth is high. Pregnant women must stabilize their emotions in the future and never get angry often!\” After hearing this, Xiaoli\’s husband also regretted it and blamed himself. He was too petty and didn\’t care about his wife\’s feelings, which led to such problems. Pregnant women like Xiaoli are actually not uncommon. They always get angry and lose their temper during pregnancy. In the end, this not only affects themselves, but also affects the healthy development of the fetus. The emotions of pregnant women are closely related to the development of the fetus, so for the sake of the fetus and yourself, you still need to control your emotions during pregnancy. Next, let’s take a closer look. What are the harms to yourself and your child if you often lose your temper during pregnancy? 1. Causes unstable fetal heart rate and increases the possibility of miscarriage. Frequent anger during pregnancy will first cause unstable fetal heart rate. Once a woman loses her temper during pregnancy, a hormone will be released in her body, which will also inhibit the secretion of progesterone, directly leading to unstable fetal heart rate and even increasing the possibility of miscarriage. Therefore, for the sake of the safety of the baby in her belly, mothers should not get angry easily, try to restrain their emotions, and do not let bad emotions affect themselves and the fetus. 2. Affect the development and health of the fetus. In addition, frequent anger during pregnancy will also directly affect the healthy development of the child. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! First of all, if a pregnant mother becomes angry, it will also have adverse effects on the baby\’s nervous system, and may even cause a sense of oppression on the baby\’s heart. It increases the risk of children suffering from heart disease, and may even cause diabetes due to lack of insulin, which affects the development and health of the fetus, and the consequences are also very serious. 3. It will also have a negative impact on the child\’s mental health. Furthermore, in addition to genetics, the baby\’s personality will also be affected by the mother\’s emotions during pregnancy. My mother has been depressed and sensitive for a long time.It will inhibit the activity of the child\’s cerebral cortex. After the child is born, it is likely to make the child\’s personality sensitive and withdrawn, affecting his normal life and social interaction in the future. By then it will be too late to regret. In addition to these effects on the baby, if the mother often gets angry and loses her temper, it will also have various adverse effects on her own health. Therefore, whether it is for the health and safety of yourself or your baby, women must maintain a peaceful and good mood during pregnancy and never get angry at will. But things like this always happen during pregnancy, and there will be many conflicts in the family. Tips for controlling your emotions during pregnancy Controlling your emotions during pregnancy is also very difficult. If pregnant women really can\’t control their temper, you can try these points. ①•Learn to relax yourself and find something to do for yourself. Once you find that your emotions are out of control and you want to lose your temper, try to take a deep breath. For the healthy development of the fetus and your own physical health, you must learn to relax yourself. Don\’t harm yourself and your fetus for a trivial matter. Good health is the most important thing, and other things can be solved. Pregnant mothers can\’t do many things due to limited mobility during pregnancy, so they can find something to do for themselves. Don\’t let yourself be idle, otherwise it will be easy to think wildly. For example, you can make a small toy for your baby or cross-stitch some small objects, or other similar things that can calm yourself down. ②•Ensure good sleep and regulate your daily routine and diet. During pregnancy, many pregnant women do not sleep well due to protruding belly, which may lead to emotional instability, temper tantrums, etc. At this time, pregnant mothers should let themselves get more rest. As long as they are a little tired, they should take a rest and sleep for a while. Only by ensuring good and sufficient sleep and keeping their own schedules can they be more energetic and feel more comfortable. ③•Learn to divert your attention, listen to music and exercise, which can soothe your mood. \”Pregnant women themselves are a relatively sensitive group, and their sensitivity to some details and details in life will increase during pregnancy. Over time, this will lead to Possibility of anxiety disorder. \”When in a bad mood, pregnant mothers should learn to divert their attention and not let themselves think about unhappy things all the time. For example, they can listen to music or take a walk. These are ways to stabilize their mood. In addition, family guidance and encouragement are also very important. Anger during pregnancy not only has various adverse effects on the child, increases the possibility of developmental malformations, and increases the risk of childbirth, but also causes various harms to the mother herself. Therefore, mothers should try their best to maintain a peaceful and happy attitude during pregnancy. Adhere to the above points, learn to relax and divert your attention, maintain a healthy diet and a good routine. Only in this way can you ensure the safety and health of yourself and your baby. I hope that every pregnant mother can have a happy pregnancy, and that every baby can be born safely and healthily.

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