Pregnant women’s signs before giving birth

Two days ago, a first-time mother sent a private message to Dou Dehui in the background: \”I am currently pregnant with my first child at 38 weeks. What does it feel like two weeks before giving birth?\” In fact, before giving birth, there are some signals that will remind pregnant mothers. Yes, if these signals had been known earlier, the baby would not have been in such a hurry when the baby was actually born. Let’s talk about it based on my two pregnancy experiences combined with the symptoms of friends around me: Pregnant mothers generally have the following symptoms before giving birth. , the fundus of the uterus descends, the fetal head enters the pelvis, the uterus begins to descend, reducing the pressure on the diaphragm, the pregnant mother will feel easier to breathe, and the pressure on the stomach will disappear. 1. Some pregnant mothers have lower back pain: As the baby gets heavier and falls lower and lower, the ligament tissue of the uterus and pelvis is stretched even more, causing pain in the lower back. 2. Increased frequency of urination and defecation: Because the descending fetal head will compress the bladder and rectum, the feeling of urine will still be felt after urination, especially at night. I had to get up 3-4 times a night and was severely sleep deprived. 3. Breathing becomes easier. After the belly drops, the diaphragm is no longer pressed, and the diaphragm regains its previous tension. The heart is no longer compressed, and its blood supply capacity has returned to its previous capacity. In both cases, breathing becomes easier. I used to have chest tightness and breathlessness, but suddenly I feel so relaxed, I feel nostalgic for my pregnancy. If you don’t want to give birth, stay a few more days. 4. Increased secretions from pregnant mothers: Increased secretions from the cervix and vagina. As delivery approaches, the cervix becomes softer and the secretions blocking the cervix begin to overflow, resulting in increased secretions. Don’t think this means your water has broken, that state is different! 5. Weight gain stopped: In the third trimester of pregnancy, I went to prenatal check-ups every week to weigh myself, and found that I was not overweight. The doctor said that this was a sign that the fetus was mature. 6. After the food intake increases and the belly drops, the intestines and stomach are no longer squeezed and are freed. The burden on the gastrointestinal tract will be reduced, and it will be easier to digest some meals. There will no longer be the feeling of heartburn and acid reflux, and the food intake will increase. 7. Also, because the fetal head enters the pelvis, the baby\’s space for movement is reduced, so the fetal movement will be felt to be less than before.

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