Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 16th week of pregnancy

Arrange a romantic living space. Expectant fathers should arrange a warm, quiet and romantic living environment for the pregnant mother and fetus. Make some small adjustments to the layout of the rooms in your home. For example, if you add some baby items appropriately, let those cute little baby items bought from the store (such as baby clothes, bath towels, small toys, etc.) remind pregnant mothers at any time: a cute little life is about to come to you. ! At the same time, post a very beautiful baby painting above the bedside. You can look at the painting and imagine what your baby looks like. Pregnant mothers can do some \”daydreaming\”. Prenatal education experts suggest that pregnant mothers should often daydream in order to cultivate their fetus\’s personality. Daydreams are a series of psychological activities with fantasy plots that occur when people are awake. Most of the plots of daydreams have happy endings, and generally there is no frustration or worry. Daydreaming is a very effective way to relax mentally. If the pregnant mother is happy, the fetus will naturally be happy too. Pregnant mothers may wish to always think about how cute their future baby will be, how strong their body will be, and how smart their mind will be. Or imagine the happy life of a family of three in the future. Under this kind of good fantasy, pregnant mothers\’ emotions will be adjusted, and bad emotions such as worry and fear will be swept away, which is very beneficial to the healthy growth of the fetus. Related reading: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 16th week of pregnancy. Calm down upset emotions through breathing methods. During prenatal education, the fetus\’s ability to accept it depends on the pregnant mother\’s attentiveness. The biggest obstacle to prenatal education is the pregnant mother\’s chaotic and restless mood. Here is a breathing method that is very effective in stabilizing your mood and focusing your attention. When performing breathing techniques, you can choose any place, it can be on the bed, on the sofa, or sitting on the floor. At this time, pregnant mothers should try to stretch their waist and back, relax their whole body, close their eyes slightly, put their hands on both sides of the body or on the abdomen, and dress as loosely as possible. When you are ready, inhale slowly through your nose, taking 5 seconds as the standard, and count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in your mind while inhaling. People with large lung capacity can hold on for 6 seconds. When you feel difficult, Can hold for 4 seconds. When inhaling, let yourself feel the gas being stored in your abdomen, and then slowly exhale it through your mouth or nose. In short, exhale slowly and calmly. The exhalation time is twice the inhalation time, that is, if the inhalation time is 5 seconds, the exhalation time is 10 seconds. Just breathe like this repeatedly for 1 to 3 minutes, and you will feel calm and clear-headed. When pregnant mothers practice breathing techniques, they should try not to think about other things and focus on inhaling and exhaling. Slowly, your attention will naturally focus. To deliver a healthy fetus, pregnant mothers must communicate with their doctor before exercising to see if they are suitable for exercise, what kind of exercise is suitable and when. Carry out regular exercise, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise. Preparations before exercise, that is, warm-up activities, must be done adequately. Before exercise, pregnant mothers are best to do low-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking or gentle stretching exercises, to fully warm up. Related information: Whole networkExclusive 27 sets of prenatal education music collection with the best sound quality for free download

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