Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 20th week of pregnancy

Play belly kicking game with the fetus In the 20th week of pregnancy, the fetus can be felt on the pregnant mother\’s abdomen. When the fetus\’ limbs are pressed, the fetus will immediately retract. Therefore, pregnant mothers can establish conditioned reflexes with the fetus by tapping the limbs of the fetus for 3 to 5 minutes each time. When the fetus kicks the pregnant mother\’s belly, the pregnant mother can gently tap the kicked area, and then wait for the fetus to kick her belly for the second time. Generally, after 1 to 2 minutes, the baby will kick again, then pat it a few more times and stop. If the place you shoot changes, the baby will kick again to the place you changed. Be careful not to change the shooting position too far from the original kicking position. Facts have proven that babies who have been trained by slapping limbs will have strong limb muscles after birth, and they can raise their heads, turn over, sit, crawl, walk and other movements earlier than ordinary babies. After touching and slapping, the movement of the baby\’s limbs is increased, which is an effective method of prenatal education. Expectant fathers need to stabilize their wives\’ emotions. The physical or mental disorders of the baby are mostly related to parental discord and unhappy marital life. The harm caused by marital discord to the baby is more serious than the harm caused by illness, smoking, fatigue and other reasons during pregnancy. Some direct mental stimulation often comes from the husband. For example, the husband said before going out: \”I will go home at 6 o\’clock tonight.\” So the wife prepared the meals neatly and on time, and happily waited for her husband\’s return. However, after 7 o\’clock and 8 o\’clock, there was still no one back. At this time, the disappointment and anxiety of the pregnant wife will cause considerable harm to her body and mind. Even if the husband explains various objective reasons afterwards, it is impossible to erase the mental stimulation and uneasiness that the wife has received. If this kind of thing happens repeatedly, the harmonious atmosphere will no longer exist, and quarrels between husband and wife may occur, which may affect the unborn baby. The husband should fully realize that during this special period of his wife’s pregnancy, only tenderness and consideration, joy and humor, understanding and tolerance, and well-arranged material and spiritual life of the pregnant wife can be the best way to stabilize the pregnant wife’s emotions. . Here are some ways to adjust the family atmosphere and stabilize the mood of pregnant mothers: 1. Always open the door to the house in a comfortable mood. Even if you are not going well at work or encounter unpleasant things outside, you should open the door the moment you step into the house. , get rid of bad emotions. 2. Because the hormonal changes in the wife\’s body during early pregnancy will make her feel uncomfortable all day long, she is often restless. Once the husband discovers signs of conflict, he can not only enlighten his wife to give priority to prenatal education, but also use a humorous approach to deal with it. Because humor can excite people\’s parasympathetic nerves and stabilize the body\’s internal environment. 3. Let your husband buy (bring) heavy items home when he gets off work, and say during dinner, \”I will clean up after dinner. This will make it even more cozy. Take the initiative to spread the quilt at night and open the windows for ventilation. These are enough Make the pregnant wife feel psychologically satisfied. Good emotions can also be transmitted to the baby through neurotransmitters, which will help the baby form a good foundation in personality and intelligence. 4. Pay attention to the baby\’s existence: develop the habit of talking to the baby .Greeting when getting up: “Good morning! When he went out, he said: \”I\’m leaving!\” When he returned home he said: \”I\’m back!\” \”byAdjust the family atmosphere.

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