Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 26th week of pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should always have a strong interest in life. According to research, the fetus can sense the mother\’s thoughts, and there is information transmission between the pregnant mother and the fetus. If the mother neither thinks nor learns, the baby will be deeply infected and become lazy, which is extremely detrimental to the baby\’s brain development. Therefore, pregnant mothers should always have a strong interest in life, maintain a strong desire for knowledge and curiosity, fully mobilize their thinking, be diligent in using their brains, have the courage to explore, be proactive at work, observe and see themselves in life The things you see and hear are transmitted to the baby, allowing the baby to continuously receive stimulation and promote the development of brain nerves and cells. Sunbathing with the fetus Pregnant mothers can often take their fetus for sunbathing. While bathing in the sun, they can also communicate with the fetus. For example, while basking in the sun, talk to the baby in the belly: \”Baby, the sun is really sunny today.\” OK, do you hear the bird singing?\”. As for when to bask in the sun, it should be flexibly controlled according to the season, time and each person\’s specific situation. If it is the scorching summer season, there is no need to bask in the sun. The scattered sunlight in the shade of the trees is enough to meet the needs of pregnant mothers. According to China\’s geographical conditions, generally speaking, the ultraviolet rays in the sun are most abundant between 9:00 and 16:00 every day in spring and autumn, and between 10:00 and 13:00 in winter. Pregnant mothers can choose to bask in the sun appropriately during this time. Don\’t bask in the sun for too long, preferably within 1 hour a day. Telling stories can promote the language learning ability of the fetus. Expectant parents insist on using civilized, polite and philosophical language and speak to the baby purposefully, which can lay the foundation for the baby\’s learning the day after tomorrow. Related articles: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 26th week of pregnancy. Parents-to-be can tell some short stories to promote the language learning ability of the fetus. Telling stories to the fetus is an indispensable part of prenatal education. When telling stories, pregnant mothers should imagine the baby in the abdomen as a big baby, and tell the story eloquently. The kind language is transmitted to the baby through the language nerve, so that the baby can continue to Accept the influence of the objective environment and develop and grow in the ever-changing cultural scope. When telling stories, you should avoid shrill shouting and boring reading. The method can be determined according to the specific situation of the pregnant mother, and the content can be used as desired by the pregnant mother. You can also read story books, preferably children’s books with pictures and text. You can also read some poetry, prose, etc. to your baby. The content of the story should be short, light, and harmonious. It is best to choose stories that are positive and full of fantasy. \”Walking in the womb\” of the fetus: The pregnant mother puts her hands on the abdomen, feels the head and back of the fetus, first touches the fetal head and tells the baby: \”Let\’s take a walk with daddy under the music.\” Then gently use her hands to Push the baby repeatedly 6 times. This is your baby’s “womb walk.” This kind of exercise is beneficial to baby\’s muscle development. Medical research shows that babies who undergo the above exercise prenatal training will develop their movements earlier than ordinary babies after birth, have better muscle development, and have more dexterous hands. The hands are dexterous and the mind is clever, and the mind and intelligence are good.

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