Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 29th week of pregnancy

Pregnant babies like humming songs the most. Resonant prenatal education method. Expectant parents can choose a variety of methods when performing musical prenatal education. Among them, the most beneficial and profound influence on the baby is the humming resonance method. The physical vibrations produced by the pregnant mother when singing can make the baby get emotional satisfaction from it, and also allow the baby to remember the parents\’ voice and the rhythm of the music. The former can strengthen the relationship between expectant parents and their babies, making them more harmonious and harmonious, while the latter can make the fetus interested in music, cultivate their sentiments, and develop their perfect character. Some pregnant mothers think that they are tone-deaf and have no musical ability, so how can they sing to their babies. In fact, there is no need to take singing too hard. You must know that singing to your baby is not a stage performance. It does not require too many skills and talents. As long as you sing with deep maternal love for your baby, your singing will be For babies, it is pleasant to the ears. When singing, try to focus the sound toward the upper palate, which can make the sound sweeter. This method can be carried out several times a day, each time not exceeding 20 minutes. When a pregnant mother sings, she should be in a relaxed and emotional mood, as if she is expressing tenderness and motherly love to her lovely baby. At this time, the pregnant mother can imagine that the baby is listening to your singing, thereby achieving resonance with the heart sounds of mother and child. Systematically provide language prenatal education to the fetus. When the fetus grows to 8 months old, it is already a living, emotional, and thinking \”little baby\” that can listen, see, \”understand\” words, and understand the parents-to-be. Well, talking to the baby is by no means \”playing the piano to a cow\”. Talking to the fetus in the belly is a very positive method of prenatal education. Related reading: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 29th week of pregnancy. Baby through hearing , feel the voice and tone of parents, feel the deep love from parents, use language to stimulate the baby\’s auditory nervous system and brain, enrich the baby\’s spiritual world, and is very beneficial to the development of the baby\’s brain. Parents-to-be It is best to simplify the content of daily life and words that express feelings, such as \”Baby, mom and dad love you\”, \”Baby, today\’s rice is delicious\”, etc. Repeat these words to the baby often to deepen the baby\’s understanding of the situation. The impression of these words can promote their memory and understanding. Expectant parents can also systematically provide language prenatal education to their babies, and choose a fixed time (such as before going to bed at night) to talk to their babies. The length of time is generally relatively unchanged, each time About 10 minutes, the conversation content should be repeated over a period of time to deepen the baby\’s understanding of some simple sentences. When carrying out language prenatal education, pregnant mothers should not have a too narrow understanding of language prenatal education, thinking that language prenatal education is \”letting the baby learn one thing\” \”, and then give the baby a rigid and rigid \”teaching\” just like giving lessons to babies in school. This will treat the baby as a passive learning tool, and you must know that the baby will not like it. First of all, you must treat the baby as a passive learning tool. Treat a baby with vitality and the ability to choose, so the content and methods of language prenatal education must be lively, vivid and concise. Secondly, language prenatal education for pregnant mothers should also adopt a form that can interact with the baby, that is, Mom must be enthusiastic when speaking, and choose literatureThe reading materials are also fresh and can arouse your own interest.

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