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Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 30th week of pregnancy

Teach your baby to count In late pregnancy prenatal education, you can teach your baby to count! Dialogue between parents and their unborn babies is a positive and beneficial means of prenatal education. Although the fetus cannot understand the content, the fetus can hear the voice and intonation of the parents through hearing and feel the call from the parents. Using language to stimulate the fetal auditory nervous system and its brain is undoubtedly beneficial to fetal brain development. Teach the fetus to count, make one sound to say \”1\”, make two sounds to say \”2\”… Pay attention to the rhythm when making sounds, and follow a rhythm, such as \”1\” to \”X\”; \”2\” to \”xx\”; \”3\” to \”xxx\”; \”4\” to \”XXXX\”… Teaching the fetus to count should not be done too hastily, but should be done step by step. Each count should start from \”1\”, and the number should not be too many, and the sound Not too big. It\’s better to use piano sound. Common greetings used by pregnant mothers to their fetus Pregnant mothers should not forget to greet their fetus every day. This will allow the fetus to experience the mother\’s deep love while still in the womb. Here are some commonly used greetings for the fetus. Commonly used words are \”baby\”, \”hello\”, \”good morning\”, \”goodbye\”, \”good morning, little baby\”, \”good night, my baby\”, etc. More complex phrases when getting up: \”Good morning! My cute little baby, mommy is up.\” etc. When you open the window in the morning: \”Baby, the sun is rising…\”. When eating: \”Baby, it\’s time to eat. Mommy made a lot of delicious things.\” etc. When opening the door to go home: \”We\’re home, baby!\” etc. After get off work: \”Hey, daddy is back!\” etc. Phrases with plot: \”Baby, it\’s morning now. The weather is sunny. Dad will go to work soon. You follow mom and be obedient. Dad will tell you stories after work.\” \”Today is Sunday, a day off. Mom and dad will take you there.\” Come to the park, breathe fresh air, look at the green grass and red flowers, okay?\” \”Baby, your parents like you, whether you are a boy or a girl, so sleep peacefully!\” Find a topic to chat with the baby Topics for talking about communication between pregnant mothers and their fetuses can be found in ordinary chats, or you can do certain things specifically to communicate and express emotions with your babies. For example, you can organize photo albums, recall memorable experiences, and tell the stories of what happened to your unborn baby through photos. In the conveying of emotions, let the baby feel your love subconsciously. This kind of communication is very helpful for the formation of the baby\’s optimistic character.

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