Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 31st week of pregnancy

Graphic prenatal education At this time, the fetus\’s senses are fully developed, including vision, hearing, touch, etc., and pregnant mothers can carry out graphic education. Use brightly colored cardboard to cut into several pictures of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, etc. of different colors. The pregnant mother affectionately tells the fetus: \”Baby, look, what your mother is holding is a yellow square. The square is The four sides are the same length, and the four corners are all right angles. Look at our dining table, which is square, and look at the TV, which is also square. Baby, look at this again, this is a green rectangle, and a rectangle has two sides. The two longer sides are shorter, and the four corners are also right angles. Look at the coffee table in the living room and the desk in the study. Their desktops are all rectangular.\” Then talk about triangles and circles in the same way. When the fetus is stimulated by the mother\’s brain waves while listening, it will initially remember the characteristics of these shapes, achieving the purpose of prenatal education. Provide abstract and three-dimensional aesthetic prenatal education to the fetus. When the baby is 8 months pregnant, the baby has already developed preliminary consciousness, so at this time, more abstract and three-dimensional aesthetic prenatal education can be provided for the baby. Aesthetic prenatal education requires pregnant mothers to experience all the beauty in life through listening and seeing, and transmit their feelings of beauty to the baby through nerve conduction. Listening mainly refers to listening to music. When pregnant mothers appreciate music, they can choose some works with rich themes and full artistic conception, such as Beethoven\’s \”Moonlight Sonata\”, Chopin\’s \”Hero\”, and Vivaldi\’s \”Four Seasons\” etc. These pieces of music all have distinctive themes and characters, which can stimulate people\’s beautiful feelings and are also beneficial to the baby\’s mental growth. Reading mainly means that pregnant mothers should read some excellent works and appreciate beautiful pictures. Pregnant mothers should choose works with high intentions, elegant style and distinctive personality to read, especially Chinese and foreign classics. For example, the prose of the modern Chinese writer Zhu Ziqing and the Russian writer Turgenev; ancient Chinese poetry and the poetry of foreign poets such as Pushkin and Shelley; the works of the famous Western writers Hugo and Tolstoy and the famous modern and contemporary Chinese writers. Novels etc. When pregnant mothers read these literary works, they must read, think, and experience them to strengthen their feelings about beauty, so that their babies can benefit. If conditions permit, pregnant mothers can also look at some famous art works such as Chinese landscape paintings and Western oil paintings. When appreciating works of art, mobilize your own understanding and appreciation, and the resulting experience of beauty will definitely be passed on to your baby. Experience refers to all the feelings and understandings throughout the listening and watching activities, and also refers to the pregnant mother\’s experience of the beauty of nature in nature. Pregnant mothers should also exercise moderately at this stage and go to nature with beautiful environment and good air quality to appreciate the beauty of nature. This appreciation process is also the process of pregnant mothers understanding the beauty of nature. The beautiful feelings that pregnant mothers generate by appreciating beautiful scenery can promote the development of their baby\’s brain cells and nerves.

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