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Prenatal education enlightenment for babies in the 36th week of pregnancy

Touch prenatal education and close contact with the baby. Due to the further development of the fetus after 9 months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother or her husband can clearly touch the head, back and limbs of the fetus by placing their hands on the pregnant mother\’s abdominal wall. You can gently touch the baby\’s head, touch the baby\’s back back and forth regularly, or gently touch the child\’s limbs. When the fetus feels the stimulation of touch, it will respond accordingly. The sequence of touching can start from the head, then along the back to the buttocks to the limbs, gently and orderly. It is best to time the touch prenatal education, and you can choose to do it around 9 o\’clock in the evening, for 5 to 10 minutes each time. Pay attention to the reaction of the fetus when touching, and note down the reaction of the fetus each time. Related content: The daily health care of pregnant mothers in the 36th week of pregnancy. Music is indispensable for prenatal education. Prenatal education music can generally be divided into two types: one is for pregnant mothers to enjoy themselves, with no restrictions. You can listen with or without headphones. You can rest and listen, you can also listen while doing housework or eating; you can also listen and sing at the same time. Along with the rhythm of the music, you can also imagine the cheerful and charming face and body of the fetus in your belly, and consciously communicate emotionally with the fetus. Another type of prenatal education music is played directly to the fetus. The fetus has hearing ability at 16 weeks. From then on, the tape recorder can be placed 2 centimeters away from the abdominal wall of the pregnant mother and played several times a day, step by step, for 5 to 10 minutes at a moderate volume. Mothers should assume a comfortable position and be mentally and physically relaxed. During music prenatal education, the mother should be involved with the fetus, and should not listen while doing something unrelated. Mothers can often hum some of their favorite songs and convey pleasant information to the fetus through singing, so that the fetus can share the mother\’s joyful mood. When singing, try to concentrate the sound on the upper abdomen, enunciate the words clearly, and sing sweetly, which will definitely be welcomed by the fetus. Playing \”hide and seek\” with the fetus. Expectant fathers can engage in interesting games and prenatal education training with their fetuses. This method of achieving the purpose of prenatal education through movement stimulation is worth adopting. In order to increase the fun, expectant parents can upgrade from simple stroking and patting to games with content, such as the hide-and-seek game: let the expectant father gently pat the fetus, and then say to the fetus: \”Dad is going to hide, baby.\” Look for it.\” Then put your face against the abdominal wall on the other side and let the baby look for it. If the fetus happens to kick the father\’s cheek, be sure to praise the baby. If the baby does not find it, patiently stroke the baby to encourage him to continue. I believe that through such games, the baby will have a profound memory of his parents. This kind of game prenatal training not only increases the enthusiasm of fetal activities, but is also beneficial to the development of fetal intelligence. Expectant fathers should accompany their wives for walks. Sunshine, exercise and the fresh air of nature are all important for pregnant mothers. Walking is one of the forms of exercise that is very suitable for pregnant mothers. The expectant father can accompany the pregnant mother to go out for a walk every morning or evening, or he can also accompany the pregnant mother to do gymnastics during the walk. Walking can help pregnant mothers forget their psychological stress and restore a happy mood. At the same time, it can also let the fetus feel the happy mood of the parents, which provides a good way to cultivateLay the foundation for your baby\’s good character.

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