Prenatal education enlightenment for pregnant mothers in the 11th week of early pregnancy

Be careful when chatting with your fetus. Prenatal education is a very favorite way of interaction for your fetus, and it is also the best time to communicate with your fetus. There are many things that pregnant mothers can say to their fetuses. They can not only talk about their own moods and feelings, but also teach their babies some common sense in life. However, you should pay attention to the following two points when conducting conversational prenatal education: If you talk to the fetus with your heart and the sound waves are full of emotions, although the fluctuations of the sound are the same, they will generate several times the energy. When speaking to the baby, it is best to have the emotion of \”I want to tell the baby this story and give him great joy\” or \”Baby, let\’s be happy together\”. When speaking, you should open your mouth wide and pronounce the words accurately. From the moment you know the news of pregnancy, you should often convey your thoughts to the baby through \”spiritual communication\”, and often tell him stories and talk to him to let him get used to the voices of you and the expectant father. After the baby is completely accustomed to your parents\’ voices, the baby will be able to feel your mood and hear your words every time you make a sound or think. Slow speaking speed According to research, the voice of a person who speaks fast cannot be clearly conveyed to the other party. This is especially true when speaking to a fetus, and one should speak slowly and leisurely. This is one of the key points of conversational prenatal education. Parent-child dialogue training Parent-child dialogue training is the training of parents speaking to their fetuses. It is different from our usual face-to-face dialogues. First, the parents cannot see the fetus, and the fetus cannot see the parents. Second, the fetus cannot speak. But even so, parents should look at the abdomen with kind eyes, imagine what the baby looks like, and imagine that they are communicating with the fetus. The fetus should be treated as a baby, as a \”little naughty\” with flesh and blood, thoughts and feelings, clever and cute. Only in this way can you call his name softly like you would with a baby, and talk naturally, intimately, and full of warmth and love. Whether it’s morning or evening, whenever you have time, don’t ignore this opportunity for parent-child dialogue. This kind of dialogue is not only an expression of love, but also a transmission of beauty. It can produce the effect of using beauty to guide truth, thereby improving the quality of the baby. After the baby is born, the positive effect of this approach will be revealed. Carry out prenatal exercise in advance to teach your baby how to move in the womb, including making fists, sucking fingers, swallowing amniotic fluid, kicking and turning over. Although the pregnant mother cannot feel fetal movement at 3 months of pregnancy, the baby has actually started the above movements, so from this time on, exercise prenatal education can be carried out in advance. Sports prenatal education means that pregnant mothers help the baby to stimulate and train the baby appropriately and timely based on the baby\’s spontaneous movements to promote the baby\’s physical and mental development. Prenatal education music download: 27 sets of exclusive prenatal education music with the best sound quality on the entire network are free to download. The specific method of sports prenatal education is: the pregnant mother lies on her back on the bed, and her head should not be raised too high. She can also raise her upper body and adopt a semi-supine position. Whatever position you take, be sure to feel comfortable. Pregnant mothers should relax their whole body, breathe evenly, be calm, have a smile on their face, and place their hands lightly on the baby\’s position. Use your hands from top to bottom, from left to right, gently and slowly caress the baby. start movingThe work should be light and the time should be short, about 5 minutes each time.

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