Prenatal education enlightenment for pregnant mothers in the 19th week of pregnancy

Use language to stimulate the fetus regularly every day. When the baby is 5 months old, the receptors begin to function. They can receive external stimulation in the womb and can be stored in the brain in a subtle form. Although the environment of the fetus is different from that of adults. It floats in the amniotic fluid. When the external sound waves reach the baby, they have to pass through the abdominal wall, uterine wall and amniotic fluid. The intensity of the sound waves will be weakened, but the frequency, pitch and rhythm of the sound are There will be no obvious changes, it can be passed on to the baby, and the baby can still feel it. Medical research shows that the fetus can see, hear, and feel many things with its skin in the pregnant mother\’s belly. Therefore, pregnant mothers should take this opportunity to teach the fetus to speak. Although the fetus cannot talk to you, it can stimulate the brain development of the fetus and is directly related to the language development of the fetus after birth. Starting from the fifth month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can try to pass on the pronunciations of many different languages ​​​​to the fetus. First, gently touch the abdomen with hands, pronounce vowels such as a, o, e, etc. with the mouth, take a deep breath and try to pronounce the sounds as much as possible. elongated. This exercise can be repeated for about 1 week, and then some changes can be made accordingly. The pregnant mother gently touches her abdomen with her hands, and then makes sounds such as m-a-, ma-, b-a-, ba-. The longer the same sound is made, The better. The dialogue between expectant parents and the fetus should be continuous, and the baby should be stimulated regularly every day, 1 to 2 times a day. The expectant father should also talk to the baby at a fixed time. As pregnancy progresses, you can increase the number of conversations and extend the conversation time every day to tell your baby your happy feelings. The content of the conversation between expectant parents and their baby does not have to be too complicated. There is no limit to the content. It can be a greeting or a chat. In order to cultivate the baby\’s rich imagination, originality and enterprising spirit, expectant parents can also choose some colorful and imaginative picture albums for their babies, and use the picture albums to tell stories. Expectant parents can tell their babies about the world shown in the picture album in an emotional tone. When telling stories to babies, expectant parents should not only read aloud, but also visualize the content in the picture album through the five senses, so that the content expressed in the picture album is more specific and more vividly conveyed to the baby. Play card matching games with your baby This month is the period when the baby\’s brain develops rapidly. Pregnant mothers should cultivate their baby\’s associative potential from now on, which will be of great help to the baby\’s future learning. Pregnant mothers prepare some paper or cards. Then find some pictures and paste them on the cards to make index cards. The contents of the index cards should belong to the same category, such as an apple and a banana, a car and an airplane, a parrot and a toucan… Secondly, put all the cards together, shuffle them, and put the side with the picture face down. Turn over the two cards. If they do not belong to the same category, put the side with the picture face down and put them back. Turn over two cards and determine whether the objects on the cards belong to the same category. If they belong to the same category, the pairing is successful and the two cards can be taken away. As the game progresses, the cards are revealed one by one. The clearer you remember the location of each card, the greater the chance of a successful match. Sometimes a card you choose can be paired differently. For example, there are four things: cars, trains, airplanesMachine and cloud. The idea before the design was to pair airplanes with clouds, because they both belong to the sky, and when you turn on \”planes and trains\”, you can also pair them.

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