Prenatal education enlightenment for pregnant mothers in the 23rd week of pregnancy

Excellent prose that is most suitable for pregnant mothers to read. Reading literary works to the fetus, especially beautiful prose and poetry, is also a part of language prenatal education. When reading, it is best for pregnant mothers to immerse themselves in the artistic conception depicted in literary works, and then read aloud in a gentle tone, without raising the voice too high. If a pregnant mother can insist on reading poems, prose, and children\’s songs to her fetus every day, the fetus\’s ability to master language will be significantly improved in the future. Pregnant mothers can develop quick thinking and rich associations by reading books. Medical research shows that the mother\’s thoughts and associations can produce a kind of neurotransmitter, which enters the placenta through blood circulation and is passed to the baby. A neurotransmitter environment similar to that of the mother\’s body enables the baby\’s nerves to develop in an optimal direction. Therefore, reading useful books and periodicals for pregnant mothers is like taking \”super vitamins\” for the baby in the womb, so that the baby can develop healthily. Related reading: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 23rd week of pregnancy. Excellent prose from ancient and modern times is most suitable for pregnant mothers to read. These proses have a higher ideological level, blending scenes, and delicate emotions, which can easily resonate with pregnant mothers. For example, Zhu Ziqing\’s \”Moonlight over the Lotus Pond\” and Yang Shuo\’s \”Lychee Honey\” are worthy of repeated reading and appreciation. Fresh and graceful ancient poetry is also a good teaching material for cultivating one\’s temperament, especially the works of Bai Juyi, Wang Wei and others. But pregnant mothers should not read those sad and sad poems to avoid depression. It is beneficial for pregnant mothers to often imagine what their babies will look like. Someone once made this conclusion: looking at jewelry and jade and appreciating pictures can give babies a sense of beauty. Music can calm your baby. Watching the military queue and listening to majestic music can give your baby a sense of order. The feelings of the pregnant mother will affect the fetus. The development of the baby\’s mental and emotional intelligence depends more on the improvement and sublimation of the pregnant mother\’s cultural quality and moral sentiments. Generally speaking, pregnant mothers can convey their imagination to the baby in their belly through language, actions, etc., and they must persevere. For example, you can tell the baby: \”The eyes should look like mom, and the nose should look like dad…\” You can communicate with the baby before going to bed. Kind and pleasant emotional communication can cultivate the relationship between baby and mother. A pregnant mother\’s guess about her future baby is her own best wish. During the imagining process, expectant fathers should guide them correctly so that pregnant mothers can think more about things that are good for the baby and eliminate thoughts that are not good for the baby. What should the expectant father say to the fetus? When the expectant father talks to the baby, the expectant mother should lie on her back or sit upright on a chair. The expectant father should bend his head toward his wife\’s abdomen. His mouth should not be too close or too far away from the abdominal wall, with a length of 3 to 5 seconds. cm is appropriate. The content of the speech of the expectant father to the baby should be mainly based on hopes, blessings, requirements, care, health, etc. It should be realistic, the sentences should be concise, and the tone should be gentle. Before going to bed, the expectant father can gently caress the baby through the pregnant mother\’s abdomen, and at the same time talk to the baby, such as \”Daddy is here, let him touch your little hands and feet. Where are they?\” \”Daddy is leaving.\” , Goodbye.\” Dialogue timeIt can be around 9 p.m., and each speech should last for 5 to 10 minutes.

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