Prenatal education enlightenment for the baby in the 25th week of pregnancy

\”Music image\” in prenatal education Pregnant mothers should choose the right time to play soft, lively, poetic and picturesque music. In this way, the fetus will gradually be influenced by aesthetics. The fetus that grows up in this beautiful and leisurely mood and environment will definitely be different after birth. Moreover, pregnant mothers often listen to these beautiful and classic music, which can also calm their mood and play the role of emotional prenatal education. Pregnant mothers also need to add rich emotions when enjoying prenatal education music. Learn to imagine various vivid and concrete images in your mind, such as the blue sky like the sea, the white clouds floating leisurely, the beautiful sunset, the rolling green mountains, the crystal clear river, and the quiet moonlight in the night , the young mother beside the cradle, the healthy, smart and cute baby in the cradle… the \”musical image\” in prenatal education will immerse you and your baby in infinite beautiful artistic enjoyment. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the type of fetal movement when choosing songs according to the personality of the fetus. When using music for prenatal education, pregnant mothers should choose songs. Related reading: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 25th week of pregnancy. Due to individual differences in people, they are often revealed during the fetus period. Some fetuses are \”naughty\”, some are \”lively\”, and some are \”quiet\”. These are related to both the internal and external environment of the fetus and the innate nerve type. Generally speaking, listen to some music with slow rhythm and soft melody for those lively and active babies, such as \”Lullaby\”; and listen to some lively and jumping children\’s music for those quiet and inactive babies. , songs, such as \”Little Swan Dance\” and so on. If the rhythm and expression content of music can be combined with the personality of the fetus, it will have a more obvious effect on the growth and development of the fetus. Use laughter to relieve tension. As the saying goes: \”Smile, you will save ten years.\” This is absolutely true. Research shows that laughter is a whole-body exercise. 1 minute of laughter can relax the whole body for 45 minutes. Laughter can soothe the liver, regulate qi, regulate the spirit, and can be regarded as a relaxant for human body tension. From a medical perspective, laughter is a stimulus. It can activate the respiratory system, circulatory system, and nervous system of the human body, excite the brain and muscles, enhance the activity of the endocrine system including the pituitary gland, and secrete catechol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, which are beneficial to regulating various functions of the human body. . Laughter is very good for the heart, it can strengthen the heart. Because laughter can relax the smooth muscles of arteries, increase the inner diameter of blood vessels, and reduce arterial pressure accordingly, which is beneficial to hypertension and heart disease. Laughing makes the chest fully move, increases lung capacity, and facilitates the discharge of residual gas. Smiling can shorten the distance between people, change the unfavorable atmosphere around you, express your goodwill, and gain friendship while eliminating unfavorable factors and easing tension. During pregnancy, couples should smile more often and smile more often. Because happy emotions are not only beneficial to the baby\’s development, but also eliminate discomforts such as pregnancy reactions.

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