Prenatal education enlightenment for the fetus at 6 months of pregnancy [24th week]

The pregnant mother\’s psychological adjustment is conducive to the formation of the baby\’s personality. The mother\’s womb is the first environment in which the fetus lives and can directly affect the formation and development of the fetus\’s personality. In the intrauterine environment, if the fetus feels a warm, harmonious and loving atmosphere, his soul will be assimilated and he will gradually develop a life-loving, lively, outgoing, decisive and confident character. If the husband and wife are at odds, the family interpersonal relationship is tense, or even full of hostility and resentment, or the mother psychologically dislikes the baby and feels bored all the time, the baby will feel pain and may develop a lonely, low self-esteem, suspicious, cowardly, and introverted character. The psychology and emotions of the pregnant mother have a great impact on the fetus. Therefore, the pregnant mother must learn to adjust appropriately. 1. Arrange a warm environment. Pregnant mothers can make some small adjustments to the layout of the room. For example, in the original typical two-person world environment, add some items for babies appropriately, so that those cute little objects can remind pregnant mothers at any time that a new life is about to come to the mother. 2. Convey your voice through language. Pregnant mothers only need to spend a few minutes every day to whisper a few words to their babies, such as \”Baby, mommy loves you\”, \”Does the baby know? I am mommy\”, etc. Pregnant mothers can also whisper to their babies while going out for a walk. : \”The weather outside is so nice, the sun is shining.\” etc. 3. Close contact with humor. Laughter is a kind of enjoyment of life. Pregnant mothers may wish to find more opportunities for themselves to laugh. Appreciate more comedies; read some humorous and interesting prose and essays; collect some humorous photos and enjoy them once a day. Expectant fathers should also consciously tell some jokes to pregnant mothers to make them laugh. Using cards to train the memory of the fetus Memory is a form of thinking activity. At present, most people in the medical field believe that the fetus not only has a certain memory ability, but also this ability gradually improves with the increase of gestational age. Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to develop the memory potential of the fetus and pass on good, positive, and beautiful information to the fetus. Below we introduce a method of using cards to train your baby’s memory. Pregnant mothers can use colored pens to write words or numbers on white paper to make cards. When making cards, the color matching between them should also be considered. In order for the fetus to remember these bright words or numbers, the surrounding tones must be natural colors. After the card is made, the pregnant mother uses her fingers to copy the shape of the characters while pronouncing them correctly, and focus on the color of the characters to deepen the impression. For example, when copying the words \”seal, strawberry\” and other words, the pregnant mother has to draw the images of seal and strawberry in her mind while pronouncing the words. It would be even better if you could find a colored drawing or photo to help you build a clearer visual image of the color and shape of the object. In addition, pregnant mothers also need to explain knowledge about seals and strawberries. For example, a pregnant mother can say: \”A seal lives in the sea and is a mammal like us. Among its partners are whales, but it is much smaller than the whale…\” After adding this explanation, the seal will become pregnant during pregnancy. The mother\’s impression will become more vivid, and the fetus will be more receptive.

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