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Princess Kate lets the little prince sleep in a cardboard box? Why is she so shabby when she obviously doesn’t have enough money?

Obviously there is no shortage of money, but why does Princess Kate let the little prince sleep in a cardboard box? What secrets are hidden in this little cardboard box? A big event happened 4 years ago. The British royal family ushered in a new bloodline. As the heir to the throne, her mother, Princess Kate, actually gave the newborn Prince George a cardboard box to sleep in. This was not because Kate was stingy, but because the cardboard box sent by the Finnish government had hidden secrets. Mystery. A cardboard box is a small nest for babies to sleep in. What exactly is in the cardboard box? The cardboard box that every Finnish newborn has in his hands may seem ordinary, but there is something special inside, just like Doraemon\’s treasure chest. But the real artifact is the cardboard box itself, which can be used as a baby\’s nest. There are hidden secrets inside the carton. There are many benefits of sleeping in a carton for newborn babies, including safety, low cost, easy cleaning and portability. When the baby grows up, the cardboard box can be used to hold things, and if the baby vomits or wets the bed, the mother can easily change it to another cardboard box. Don\’t underestimate this cardboard box. It\’s 70 cm long, 40 cm wide, 27 cm high (big enough to be your baby\’s first crib), weighs 9 kilograms, and is as rich as Doraemon\’s pocket. There are… : Mattress, bed covers, sheets, duvets, blankets, sleeping bags and other bedding products; hooded bath towels, nail clippers, combs, toothbrushes, thermometers, diaper cream, towels, diapers and other necessities; as well as underwear, Tights, jumpsuits, knitted jackets, snowproof children\’s clothing, socks, gloves, hats and other clothing; if the baby is born in a warm season, the government will thoughtfully put in a larger size of winter clothing, and will also remind you in the parenting advice Mom, what clothes should you wear for your baby in any weather? The \”baby box\” also includes picture books, toys, and even nursing pads. It even includes condoms, lubricants, and a postpartum relationship guidance manual to remind new parents to first Take good care of this baby and don\’t \”import\” it for the time being; the most special thing is that there is a small sponge mattress in the baby box, which is placed in a large cardboard box, which can be used as the first bed in the baby\’s life. It looks really great. You can put your child on the work table and look at your baby while working. The cardboard box has a small space and does not contain any debris. The baby will not easily bump into it. It has been a custom in Finland for more than 70 years for Finns to sleep in cardboard boxes for newborn babies. It is such an inconspicuous cardboard box that has saved the lives of countless babies and greatly reduced the infant mortality rate in Finland. The cardboard boxes are a free gift from the Finnish government to its citizens. Cartons can provide babies with a neat and independent sleeping space and reduce the rate of sudden infant death. A netizen posted a photo of her daughter sleeping in a cardboard box. Nowadays, there are many cases of sudden infant death. It is heartbreaking to see it. A mother who usually sleeps with her baby next to her once fell asleep on the sofa with her 8-week-old daughter. , when she woke up, her mother was heartbroken and shouted. Her father heard the noise and ran over to give first aid, but it was too late. The baby was already dead. The autopsy report a few months later made the mother collapse even more. The child\’s death was related to sleeping with the mother. The mother of an 8-week-old girl who died suddenly and unexpectedly choked up after losing her daughter. This mother was not the only parent who experienced this kind of pain. Figures show that in 2015,There were 3,700 sudden infant deaths. Many parents think that sleeping in the same bed with their children is a natural thing, but they are unaware of the potential dangers involved, such as the baby falling from the bed, fluffy pillows or other debris on the bed, and parents accidentally falling asleep. Pressure on children, these factors are fatal to children. 5 major benefits of cartons Benefits 1: Reduce infant mortality In the 1930s, Finland was still a poor country, with an infant mortality rate of 65‰. Within decades after the introduction of baby boxes, the infant mortality rate dropped rapidly. Because the baby box is used as a crib, parents start sleeping in separate beds with their babies, which can reduce the possibility of death from suffocation. Benefit 2: It is convenient for expectant mothers to have all the baby products in the baby box for both men and women, which not only solves the problem of expectant mothers not knowing what to buy, but also saves time. Benefit 3: Maternal and child health is guaranteed. The Finnish government stipulates that in order to receive a baby box or cash subsidy, pregnant women must go to a regular medical institution for prenatal check-up within the first four months of pregnancy. This ensures that all pregnant women and fetal health receive Finnish medical and social welfare. Institutional care. Benefit 4: Spreading parenting knowledge. By distributing baby boxes, the Finnish government has spread scientific parenting knowledge to its citizens and increased their attention to babies. For example, encourage babies to sleep alone in cartons to avoid suffocation or cross-infection; remove bottles from maternity bags to promote breastfeeding… Benefit 5: A box of multi-purpose, environmentally friendly baby boxes made of environmentally friendly recycled materials, which well reflects the Nordic style People pay attention to practical style. Cartons can be thrown away after use, recycled and degraded, or used to make toys. They are all non-toxic and harmless. Although children cannot sleep in it when they grow up, they can sit in it and play with building blocks, cars, or use the cardboard box as a table to play house. The lid of the carton can also be propped up to serve as a convertible or as a hiding place for hide-and-seek, which are very popular games for children. Learn a lesson from Princess Kate: Parents, never sleep in the same bed as your baby. For your baby\’s safety, please sleep in separate beds with your baby. Even if your baby sleeps in a crib, do not put debris on the bed.

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