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Regarding the second-child family, the baby has something to say

After my sister was born, I felt that I had been left out… Over the years, I have never been particularly fond of my sister. I naively thought that I had been left out since she was born. Fortunately, in the past three years, I have been left out. This unhealthy thought has gradually disappeared from my mind… On the day she was born, everyone was very happy and surrounded her. Everyone praised her beauty and everyone went to hold her little hand. , everyone ignored me… I also leaned over and looked at her, she was red, like a ripe apple. I was nine years old that year. Later, she slowly grew up, and when she couldn\’t walk or talk, she only wanted to be held by me. She liked me so much when she was a child, and she still likes me now. I was jealous and tried my best to attract attention…and it seemed like in the blink of an eye, she was old enough to go to kindergarten. At that time, she acted like a naked rabbit. When she smiled, the dimples on both sides of her face seemed to be filled with wine. Her hair was black and shiny. She was always complimented by everyone… I felt jealous. I asked myself why, everyone\’s No one has me in their eyes, no one can see me. At that time, there was no so-called \”appearance above all else\” in my world. I felt that as long as I was obedient enough, I would attract the attention of strangers. So, every afternoon when I got home from school, I would wash my face and comb my hair carefully, put on the red scarf again solemnly, and go with my mother to the kindergarten to pick up my sister. I would say hello and goodbye to the teacher very obediently, and the kindergarten teacher seemed to like me very much. At that time, I was always afraid of being ignored, and would always do some boring things, pretending not to understand and asking my parents questions, eager to prove that I was still just a child and could not be ignored. I used to be reluctant to talk to my sister because whenever I did something wrong, my parents would always scold me or even hit me. But if my sister did something wrong, they would always forgive me with a smile. I have always been very unbalanced in my heart. I feel like my parents love her but not me, so I feel like I am superfluous. Time has made me understand love…but I forgot that my sister is just still young, but my parents actually love me very much. I remember when I was about to go to school, my mother took me to register. I was hungry and bought a rice dumpling to eat. I ate it all in my mouth. She gently told me to wipe my mouth clean or the teacher would not want me; it was the beginning of school. On the first day, I was sitting in the classroom. My father came to see me after completing the admission procedures. He stuffed me with two one-dollar coins and asked me to buy some snacks after class. He told me not to be afraid and talk to my classmates more. Come home in the afternoon and cook me a delicious meal. Look, they all love me. During the six years of primary school, my mother always had to get up early and take me a long way to wait for the school bus. She would braid my hair every morning. I remember one time I stupidly sat down at the breakfast bar and realized that I didn’t bring my school badge. If I didn’t bring it, I would be scolded by the class teacher. I was very scared. At that time, my mother told me to sit here by myself and don’t leave. She went home to get it. She came back in ten minutes, panting… When I got on the school bus, I found that I was still wearing slippers, and I would still be scolded by the class teacher, but I still smiled. I looked at my bare feet and smiled stupidly. I don’t know whether to laugh at myself, Ma Daha, or to be happy that I am loved. At that moment, my whole body was filled with happiness.Surrounded by flavor. My family\’s conditions were not very good at that time, but my parents, who liked to eat, would buy them for me just because I liked them. At that time, Guangzhou was very flavorful. Egg tarts cost 80 cents each. Buses were still cable-operated. Shangxiajiu was not particularly busy, and the Pearl River was also there. At that time, my parents would take me shopping wherever they had time. I particularly like it there, and I still do, because it has the flavor of childhood. When my sister was in the first grade and I was in the third grade of junior high school, she always liked to tell me what happened in the class. Even when a few boys chased her, she would tell me that she treated me as a trash can for bad moods and she liked me so much. A rare and valuable sisterhood… Last week she told me that she bought me a necklace as a birthday gift when she went on an autumn outing. She was very happy to tell me that many people liked it and everyone was rushing to buy it, but no one could grab it. I won her because she thought I would definitely like it so she tried her best. Well, I was really happy even though I knew it was just something from the two dollar store haha. My heart felt very warm at that time. Over the years, I have finally pried open my heavy head. Looking at such a strong sister who can carry a box of mineral water, I feel a little sad and a little regretful. I feel sorry for her being so strong and regret that I have been there for her. I never gave her any love when I was a child, and I felt a little guilty. I felt guilty that I thought my mother had forgotten about me since she had her. I\’m afraid it\’s too late now, so I have to be twice as kind to her. I write this just to tell everyone: sometimes you feel ignored by others, it’s just because you also ignored others. No parent does not love their children. If you want to attract attention, you must pay attention to others first. Family love is valuable. Those who care about having younger brothers or sisters like me should first look at their advantages. Your parents love you all the same, but your little brother or sister is enjoying what you once enjoyed. , but the good times have been forgotten by you…

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