Remember not to let “rules” kidnap your child

We all know that children need enough free space to release their curiosity and imagination. Too much control will limit children\’s creativity, and many abilities will not be developed under suppression. But the reality is that in order to prevent our children from \”going astray\”, we can\’t help but set up various rules. Those \”rules\” that seem reasonable on the surface are making children more and more boring, such as the following: 1. Don\’t go to bed late. Many parents will cultivate good sleep habits in their children when they are very young. Go to bed early and get up early to keep your child healthy. Okay, it\’s bedtime tonight. Go to sleep. Through reasonable methods, it is the credit of parents to see that their children have good sleeping habits and status. But the problem lies in that many parents are too rigid and strictly abide by the iron law of not going to bed late. Those temporary exciting arrangements have been canceled one after another, and the children are having fun watching cartoons. Even the happy parent-child time has been interrupted due to \”shouldn\’t\”. \”It\’s time to go to bed\” ended abruptly… In fact, occasionally going to bed late is completely allowed. Parents don\’t have to worry about their children pushing their limits. Children need more understanding and tolerance from parents, especially the occasional \”indulgence\”. In this way, dad Mom will also receive an unexpected surprise! 2. Don’t play with anything, put your hands into the soup and stir it up; make a mess of green peppers, corns, and tomatoes and play “play house”; use a stick to “study” the trash can and turn it over Go ahead and flip through it… If you shout \”What bad thing are you doing?\”, it will really scare the children. They may be terribly wronged. They are seriously exploring a \”new area\” of interest, so how can it be a bad thing! Don\’t dislike your children for being too \”sloppy\”. They really need to enjoy this kind of \”unconventional\” fun. You can even \”explore\” with your children, for example: ask him what he feels when he reaches into the soup, use vegetables What kind of story did the play house make up, and what magical new understanding did it gain about the trash can…and then provide reasonable guidance. 3. Don’t touch “dangerous” things. Children are too easy to bump into and have various accidents, so parents will try their best to take the best safety precautions: put away all dangerous items such as knives, needlework and thread; do not allow access to power sockets. How close the children are; the toys for the children are carefully selected to eliminate all risk factors… In order to prevent the children from various accidents, they will also warn the children about many things not to do: the boiling water is very hot, don\’t touch it; the ground is full of dust, Don\’t touch; the table is very oily, don\’t wipe it… But in fact, children need to try \”accidents\”. Over-protection will limit their cognitive development. Let them touch the slightly boiled water in person and experience the feeling of hotness. They touch dusty things and know what it feels like to have dirty hands… but this gives them a clearer concept of \”danger\” or \”bad\”. Never give your children too much rigid discipline because of seemingly reasonable rules, then scold them if they violate them, and then feel guilty and make amends later. Children need to try things that may seem irrational but are actually really fun. Don’t let “rules” kidnap your children.

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