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Seven signs that newborns are smart, parents should understand as soon as possible


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

Newborn life is the most precious stage in human life, and it is also a critical period for human intellectual development. During this period, the newborn\’s brain is in a highly developed state, is very sensitive to external stimuli, and is more receptive to external information. Therefore, the characteristics of the intellectual development of newborns are also very unique. In this article, we\’ll explore seven signs your newborn is smart. 01Visual ability Vision is one of the earliest senses that newborns begin to develop, and it is also the main way for newborns to receive information from the outside world. Although newborns\’ eyes are not well adapted to distant sights, they are able to discern very subtle differences; for example, they can distinguish different shapes and colors in black and white patterns. Newborns can also follow moving objects and track their movements. 02 Hearing ability Newborns’ hearing ability is also very keen. They can hear very weak sounds and distinguish different sound types. For example, newborns can distinguish their mother\’s voice from that of a stranger, and they can also distinguish different pitches and tones. In addition, newborns are able to sense the direction and intensity of sounds. 03 Memory Ability Although the memory ability of newborns is not yet mature, they have already begun to develop their own memory system. For example, newborns can remember patterns and patterns in repeated stimuli. In addition, newborns can also use sensory memory to identify objects and people they have already been in contact with. 04 Social Ability Although newborns do not yet fully understand the meaning of social interaction, they have begun to show social ability. For example, newborns make eye contact and respond to facial expressions. In addition, newborns express emotions through sounds and expressions. For example, they may cry to express feelings of discomfort or hunger. 05 Motor Ability Although newborns’ motor abilities are not yet very flexible, they have begun to master some basic motor skills. For example, newborns can raise their heads, turn their heads, reach out, and kick their legs. These motor skills also help newborns interact with the outside world and help them better explore their surroundings. Newborn Baby Care Encyclopedia Download Ultra Clear epub06 Language Ability Although newborns cannot speak yet, they have already begun to learn and understand language. For example, newborns can distinguish different speech sounds and languages, and can identify different people and objects through sounds. In addition, newborns can learn language through imitation and repetition. 07 Intellectual Abilities The intellectual abilities of newborns develop gradually under the influence of genes and environment. Although the intellectual development of newborns is still in its infancy, they have already begun to show some very unique intellectual characteristics. For example, newborns show very strong curiosity and desire to explore, and are able to explore the world around them through constant trials and experiments. To sum up, the intellectual development of newborns shows very unique characteristics, including visual ability, auditory ability, memory ability, social ability, motor ability, language ability and intellectual ability. The development of these abilities is very important for the intelligence of newbornsIt has a very important impact on strength and personality development.

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