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She was abandoned by her parents since she was a child, worked as a nanny and was abused by her husband, but she cultivated Hillary

(Hillary and her mother, at daughter Chelsea’s wedding) Hillary lost the election! But no matter what, Hillary is one of the most admirable women in the world. She came from a humble background, but became the woman closest to the presidential throne in American history. Hillary attributes it to her mother, Dorothy. Dorothy, this unfortunate woman who was abandoned by her parents since childhood, abused by her grandparents, made a living as a nanny, and was repeatedly abused by her husband after marriage, used all her strength to make her daughter stand at the top of the world. Her parenting wisdom can be summed up in three words. Tragic Childhood When Dorothy was born, her mother was only 15 years old and her father was only 17 years old. The young couple divorced when Dorothy was eight and their youngest daughter, Isabella, three. Two poor little girls, without adult supervision, were put on a long-distance train from Chicago to California to live with their grandparents. The two sisters were often severely punished by their grandmother, criticized and ridiculed, while their grandfather completely ignored them. At the age of 14, Dorothy left home to make a living and found a job as a nanny. Her employer was very kind to her, sending her to middle school and encouraging her to study more. Dorothy said that if she had not lived in such a close-knit family, she would never know how to run a house and take care of children. (Hillary as a Child) After graduating from high school, Dorothy returned to Chicago because her mother had remarried. Her stepfather convinced her mother to take the children with her to make amends for past mistakes. That was the first time in 10 years that my mother contacted Dorothy. Dorothy said: \”I longed for maternal love so strongly, so I must seize this opportunity to find maternal love.\” After she and her sister returned to Chicago, her stepfather offered to send her to a vocational school instead of a vocational school. Send her to college as Dorothy wished. But her mother insisted that Dorothy work as a maid at home. For this reason, Dorothy refused to live with her mother and stepfather, and she moved out after finding a secretarial job. Unhappy marriage When she was 18 years old, Dorothy met 26-year-old Hugh Rodham, Hillary\’s father. Compared to Dorothy, who kept silent about her childhood life, Hugh always talked endlessly about his childhood experiences and family life in Pennsylvania. Because there has never been a real home, Dorothy and Hugh, who longed for a home, came together. However, the home Hugh gave Dorothy was anything but happy. Hugh is a grumpy, frustrated small businessman. With a gloomy personality and stingy nature, he always contradicts others and is incompatible with his neighbors. Someone said of Hugh: \”He is rougher than a corncob and has a bad temper.\” Anyone who has been to their home can feel the suppressed tension between Dorothy and Hugh. Hugh always laughed at his wife\’s intelligence and took pleasure in belittling her meekness. During meals, she would sometimes get so angry that she wanted to leave the table, but he would sneer and say, \”Be careful not to let the door catch your butt when you go out!\” But Dorothy would never say \”That\’s enough!\” (Hillary with her parents and younger brother) After Hillary and her two younger brothers were born, their father always mercilessly sneered at them and deliberately belittled them.The children often had to endure in silence situations in which their fathers embarrassed them. Sometimes his long-winded accusations would last from mealtime to bedtime. Whenever this happened, Hillary would cover her ears with her hands. Hugh was terrifying when he was angry, and sometimes the house looked like it was about to explode. Several of the female friends Hillary often brought home could tell that for the Hillary siblings and their mother, living with Hugh meant enduring endless pain and depression. While Hugh lost his temper, Hilary cowered in the corner in fear. Faced with their father\’s abuse of their mother, the children could only swallow their anger. He also has a nasty habit of not praising his children. Hillary said her father was usually lukewarm about her achievements. When Hillary came home with a report card with A\’s in all subjects except for one B, her father would say that the test questions were too easy and ask her why she didn\’t get all A\’s. Hillary tried very hard to get praise from her father, but it was difficult to get him to express pride or affection. (Hillary Family) During World War II, Hugh served as a Navy sergeant to train soldiers. After marriage, he replicated barracks-style management in his own home, often sitting on the couch in the living room and giving orders sternly and belittling his children\’s progress, which frustrated the children, which he called \” Frustration Education”. He demands absolute authority in his home and becomes furious if others resist. If Hillary or the brothers accidentally forgot to screw on the toothpaste cap, he would unceremoniously throw the toothpaste cap out of the bathroom window and order the children to retrieve it from the grass in the front yard, even if it was snowing heavily outside. No mercy either. No matter how cold the Chicago winter nights were, he insisted on turning off the heater at night when he went to bed. During meals, he would express his opinions rudely, never allowing others to express objections, and rarely admitting that he might be wrong. If Dorothy put forward some arguments that were contrary to her husband\’s views during the discussion, Hugh would tease her and say: \”What do you know? Where do you get these stupid ideas? You self-righteous woman!\” When he was in middle school, Her father was adamantly opposed to Hillary taking ballroom dancing lessons, not because of the money but because Hugh didn\’t want his daughter to dance with the boys. Hillary\’s face is still very beautiful, and she looks even more charming after dressing up. But she didn\’t dress up often because Hillary\’s father always opposed her mother\’s decisions regarding teenage Hillary. Hillary had to accept her fate and give up her beautiful dress. (Hillary as a Girl) In the summer, the Hillary siblings could earn a small amount of money by collecting dandelions, and at that time, the children in the neighborhood received regular pocket money from their parents. Hugh disapproved of this, saying, \”They eat my food, live in my house, and we shouldn\’t give them any more money!\” He often drove his children through Chicago\’s slums and reminded them \”how lucky they were.\” A relative said: \”From the age of three, they were treated like adults and tortured.\” Some friends and relatives were puzzled by her husband\’sHer abuse was simply intolerable to ordinary people. How could she continue to live with him so wholeheartedly? Although her disharmonious family life made her feel in a difficult situation, she always found an outlet for her abundant energy and lived contentedly. Three words gave Dorothy the amazing ability to \”self-repair\”, allowing her to surprisingly get out of adversity. The first word is \”quiet.\” As a mother, ensuring her own emotional tranquility is the greatest education for her children. Dorothy believes that in the family ship, the mother is the ballast. If the mother is emotionally unstable, the family will be turbulent. A little bit of movement will affect the child and destroy the child\’s homeostasis. Just calming down the child\’s inner tension will consume a lot of psychological energy. How much psychological energy can be left for self-growth? The tragic childhood life made Dorothy deeply realize that children without a father, or children after their parents divorce, are as isolated and helpless as a small boat drifting in the roughest ocean. In her mind, maintaining the integrity of the family is more important than independently pursuing personal dreams or escaping her husband\’s bullying. It is also more conducive to the growth of her children. For this reason, Dorothy resigned herself to it, quietly confronting her husband\’s temper in her own way, and stretching her wings to create a haven for her children, a corner warm enough to rest peacefully. Despite her frequent insecurities, Dorothy forced herself to get along with her husband (who she called \”Mr. Difficult,\” as she called her) and to make the home as positive as possible. (Young Hilary and mother) \”Only when children have inner peace can they settle and think, discover and create, and be good and outstanding!\” In order to reconcile the pressure her husband brings to the children, Dorothy is very good at coming up with some simple ideas. And imaginative activities to do with the children. Hilary recalled that her mother once took a cardboard box, filled it with sand, and spent an entire afternoon helping her create a miniature world in it. Place a small mirror on the sand to serve as a lake, add a few evergreen branches to serve as a forest, and imagine the dolls having adventures inside. “Sometimes my mom and I would spend hours picnicking in our backyard identifying cloud shapes in the sky. The simple activities I did with my mom became my favorite things to do with Chelsea [Hillary’s daughter]. We Often playing for hours in the backyard of the governor\’s mansion, lying on the mat and watching the birds flying by and the clouds in the sky.\” Hugh belittled and insulted the child, while Dorothy tried to praise and encourage the child. Hugh was indifferent to everything, but Dorothy was active and open-minded. He was good at getting angry, she was good at thinking. Hugh said: \”Children should study in order to make money.\” Dorothy said: \”Children should study in order to learn.\” Although Dorothy was not highly educated, she still spent hours discussing homework with the children and helped them with their homework. Children type papers. Dorothy participated in all the children\’s school activities and sports. She cheers for her kids whether they score or get out. \”I learned some of the most important lessons in my life from her, first and foremost unconditional love and support,\” Hillary said.Dorothy also wanted her children to maintain peace of mind no matter how chaotic the situation. To make her point clear, she showed Hilary how the bubble in a carpenter\’s level moved to the center . “Imagine you have a level inside your body and try to keep the bubble in the center. Sometimes it moves up to that position…\” she said, tilting the level to move the bubble away from its original position. \”At that point, you have to find a way to get it back to where it was. \”As she said that, she returned the level to level. (Hilary and mother) The second word is \”fixed\”. Dorothy has always been striving towards her goal firmly. As early as her teenage years, when she was working as a nanny for others, She insisted on studying high school courses, getting up very early every morning to prepare breakfast for her employer\’s children; every night, after the children fell asleep, she had to stay up late to do homework. In her sixties, she finally fulfilled her dream Dorothy also realized her lifelong dream of going to college and majoring in psychology. Dorothy also required her children to have firm willpower and decisive action. She did not want her daughter to repeat the misfortunes she encountered in childhood and encouraged her to express herself boldly. willingness and firm pursuit of her goals. Hillary recalled that her mother often asked her: \”Do you want to be the dominant person in life, or do you want to be a secondary figure who just says what others think you should say and does what others think you should do?\” What to do? \”When Hillary was 4 years old, a big girl who loved to bully always yelled at her. After Dorothy found out, she said to Hillary: \”There is no place for cowards in this family. \”Although Hilary was frightened at the time, Dorothy taught her to fight back boldly next time. Soon, Hilary met the domineering girl again. This time, Hilary rewarded her in front of several boys. A slap in the face. Afterwards, she ran to her mother and proudly declared: \”Now I can play with the boys. When Hillary was in elementary school, Dorothy urged her to set ambitious goals for herself and suggested that she try to become the first female Supreme Court justice in the United States. Her mother often taught Hillary: You can do anything and desire anything, and there is nothing you can do without Any reason requires a girl to set lower goals in life than her brothers. (Hillary in her youth) In the autumn of 1965, Hillary, a country girl from the Midwest, was admitted to Wells, the most outstanding women\’s college in the United States. Lee College. For the first time in her life, she was alone in such an environment full of talents and elites. Hillary felt timid and lonely. She would periodically fall into depression and give up on herself. In the first few weeks of her freshman year, she felt discouraged. Feeling cold, she even called home to express her feelings of loss, saying that she could not cope with college life. Hugh said that she could return to Illinois at any time, but Dorothy said that she did not want her daughter to be a deserter. In the end, her mother won. Dorothy firmly believed that as long as there is discipline, diligence, proper encouragement, and adequate education, children can achieve any dream. Her educational philosophy has achieved extraordinary results on Hillary. It is precisely by virtue of With these qualities, Hillary broke into the wide world. (18-year-old Hillary) WellsLee College’s graduation ceremony has never had a tradition of student representatives speaking. But Hillary ended history. As president of the Student Union, Hillary spoke at the graduation ceremony as a student representative for the first time in history. Because of her wonderful speech, the famous \”Life\” magazine reported Hillary\’s performance at the graduation ceremony as a key feature and published a photo of Hillary at the time: wearing thick glasses, striped bell-bottoms, and… With a messy head of hair. Dorothy did not attend the graduation ceremony. Hillary said her mother could not come because she was not in good health. The doctor did not allow her to travel long distances and required her to take anticoagulant drugs. Hillary later wrote in the book: \”I was disappointed because my mother could not come. In many ways, this moment means as much to my mother as it does to me.\” The third word is \”soft\” \”The Tao Te Ching\” says: \”The weak is stronger than the strong\”, \”The softest in the world will ride on the strongest in the world.\” Dorothy has not read the \”Tao Te Ching\”, but she understands that as a woman and a mother, the real power is her warmth, gentleness and tenderness. When she graduated from Wellesley, Hillary took her first steps toward a career in politics. She was featured in Life magazine and described as a symbol of the era and its values, and her recognition across the United States continued to accelerate. In 1970, Hillary entered Yale Law School for graduate studies. Just 18 months later, she became Yale\’s brightest star. As early as their school days, many of Hillary\’s good friends never doubted that Hillary could become the president of the United States. However, suddenly, her life was overturned in the most traditional way – she couldn\’t help but fall in love with a male classmate: Bill Clinton. (Young Hillary and Clinton) Hillary inherited her mother’s “soft” wisdom and made sacrifices again and again for Clinton. While at Yale, she delayed realizing her ambitions on her own to be with him, choosing to stay an extra year at Yale rather than graduate with her classmates. After graduation, she chose to follow Clinton back to his southern hometown, backward Arkansas (which has the second-lowest per capita income in the United States, equivalent to Xinjiang and Tibet in China). Going to Arkansas meant completely giving up the chance of finding a decent job in Washington or New York, and the possibility of radiating one\’s own brilliance in the prime of life. She chose to live in a more traditional society and devote her talents, heart and energy to brightening her husband\’s star, just as her mother had done. She stood behind Clinton and was there to help him. (In 1980, Hillary, who was willing to be a \”green leaf\”, dressed up as a virtuous person and devoted herself to helping Clinton enter politics.) Clinton has had the bad habit of flirting with women for a long time. While studying at Yale, his roommates noticed that he would read late into the night. At first they thought he was reading a law book, but later they realized he was reading a novel. He slept less than 5 hours and was busy writing lengthy letters to countless ex-girlfriends. Clinton would cram before the exam and study for a few hours at a time to pass the exam. Hillary knows that starting from falling in loveClinton had been cheating on her so frequently that the odds of them having a faithful marriage were about the same as winning a craps game. But her soul was taken away, and she decided to listen to her inner voice. (Hillary when she was studying at Yale) Sure enough, when she was the governor of Arkansas, Clinton still cheated on her again and again. Many times, the couple\’s marriage was on the verge of collapse. But for love, as well as for her husband and her own political future, Hillary chose to stay with Clinton. After the Lewinsky incident, the whole world was watching Hillary\’s jokes, and Hillary fell into great humiliation, indignation and grief. Dorothy was the first to tell Hillary that she would not approve of divorce unless absolutely necessary. Dorothy never spoke publicly about her daughter\’s marriage, but before the Clinton sex scandal impeachment trial, she endorsed Clinton at the Democratic National Convention and said: \”Everyone knows that in this world, only one person can really know. The truth about this man is that he is his mother-in-law.\” \”Divorce is so simple, but the price is extremely painful!\” Dorothy had a strong understanding of divorce and its impact on children, and believed that taking into account the various emotions of children, Such as shock, abandonment and insecurity. People with children must take control of their feelings and ask themselves whether they are committed to the marriage. Ask themselves what else they can do to make the marriage work before breaking up. It is recommended that daughters set mandatory The \”cooling off period\” allows both spouses to receive adequate consultation and reflection. Finally, with the encouragement of her mother, Hillary finally chose tolerance and tolerance, once again vetoed the intention of divorce, and saved her husband\’s political life. (In June 2007, Dorothy held a Hillary campaign poster to canvass votes for her daughter) A female alumna of Wellesley College at the same time said: \”If Hillary had not married Clinton, she might have become Becoming the president of the United States is the greatest tragedy.\” But in the end, \”the weak overcomes the strong\”, \”the softest in the world is the strongest in the world.\” Not only did Hillary help her husband become president, she also shined brightly. Together, the couple wrote a magical moment in world history. Hillary has always been proud of her mother, who she believes gave her reason, calmness and confidence. When Hillary and Obama competed for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, Dorothy personally campaigned for Hillary. When she slowly said \”I am Hillary\’s mother\” at an advanced age, countless voters were deeply moved. (Hillary and her mother who has always supported her) In 2011, Dorothy passed away at the age of 92. Five years later, her daughter ran for president. Hillary said: \”If I can be elected, I owe it to my mother. Her life was very difficult, but she gave me the belief that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. No one can be like her. It has had such a profound impact on my life and who I am as a person.”

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