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Should I trade my mother’s 3 years for my child’s 30 years?

In the service program \”Four Famous Helpers\” hosted by Meng Fei on November 10, 2016, such a male troubled person appeared. In the letter, he described it this way: My wife is a kindergarten teacher, but she only knows that she is a teacher and does not remember that she is still a wife! After four years of marriage, we met purely by chance! After four years of marriage, she has never cooked a dish for me or washed a piece of clothing. I married a wife, but my wife married a job. She is the mother Yang of the kindergarten children, but not our three-year-old daughter. good mom. My daughter had a fever of 40 degrees. When she was crying for her mother in the hospital, she hugged the other children in the garden and asked about them… She always told me, \”All the children in the garden like me.\” But she didn\’t know that her daughter often She asked me, \”Dad, Dad, does Mom not like me? She only likes other children.\” The reason was that Yang\’s mother was on the rise in her career and founded her own kindergarten. Maybe every parent feels the same way, that this mother is a strong woman? This mother is so irresponsible! Or maybe she can understand that in contemporary society, the time and energy required to start a business leave her no time to take care of her husband… But the growth of a child cannot be separated from the care of her parents. A three-year-old daughter often asks her parents if they don\’t like it. Too cruel for a child. Work is very important, and children are also one of the most important companions in life. Finally, with Mingsuke\’s persuasion and mediation, Yang\’s mother agreed to spend some time with her family and take care of her children. In fact, an adult who can clearly allocate time is more likely to succeed. Whether it is starting a business or working, the purpose is to achieve success in life or to give his family a better material life. If the happiness of his family and children is gone, other things will still be lost. What\’s important? If you are too busy at work, your children will think that money is the most important thing. In the past two years, I heard a story about a business tycoon who was replaced by his own son. This was not a family inheritance, but a son who used business methods and legal procedures to overthrow his father\’s company and became the boss himself. . It is understood that this business tycoon has been busy with his career and has been indifferent to his son\’s growth. He gives his son a large amount of pocket money every day and gives his son expensive gifts every birthday. However, the child is lonely inside. Subconsciously, you will think that the reason why your father does not come home is to make money, and money is the most important thing in this world than the relationship between father and son. This is the case in many families. Parents are busy at work, often away from home, or unable to take care of their children at all. Although they provide their children with abundant material resources, they lack spiritual education. Many people who spend money lavishly grow up like this! And there will be two extremes: he will be more ashamed of his family and children, or he will be more dependent on the warmth of his family and achieve nothing in his career. In order to let children clearly understand the value of money and achieve comprehensive spiritual and material growth. Parents must allocate their time well so that their children\’s careers can be balanced, so that they can be called successful parents. Being too busy at work will make children lose their sense of security. Loneliness is what every child fears most, whether it is being isolated by friends or ignored by parents. oneA head teacher began to pay attention to the most silent boy in the class. He was often in a daze during class and continued to be in a daze after class. His classmates did not talk to him, and even the new teacher did not know his name. Later, when the parent-teacher meeting was held, he was absent and did not see his parents. The head teacher found out after calling his parents. His parents had been working away from home, so the child was left in the care of his uncle. The life of being dependent on others every day gave the child a withdrawn character, and he became even worse and worse and became one of the introverted children. Without parental dialogue and chat, children gradually lose their sense of security and become unwilling to communicate with the outside world, causing serious damage to their growth. Being too busy at work will make it difficult for children to distinguish between money. Parents are keen on working and making money. Although they give their children endless pocket money, they make children think that the value of their parents is to provide themselves with money. This kind of psychologically distorted values ​​is generally reflected in high school and college. Most people who spend money lavishly (especially boys) grew up in such families. When Tao Ma was in college, she had such a male classmate. Normally, no one is seen during class, but whenever there is any sorority or class gathering, he is always indispensable. From time to time, he is the one who organizes the whole class to sing karaoke. He is also the one who always shouts and skips self-study in the evening to cook skewers (BBQ), and He was the one who treated us every time and spent money lavishly. He was a famous rich second generation in our school at that time. The girls around him came and went, and he had no sense of responsibility. When he graduated, his parents came to the school. It turned out that he had overdrawn his credit card to buy the girl a car! No matter how much money you spend, you can’t spend hundreds of thousands! It was a sensation in the whole school at that time! While busy at work, the children grow up to be scum. To be honest here, Tao Ma, work is for making money, and making money is for a better life, but life comes from your own happiness, which is your family, relatives and friends, and the healthy growth of your children. A bright future that can be looked forward to is called life, but working blindly and losing the original intention is really not worth the gain. Dear parents, be serious about your work, be more serious about life, be kind to life, and be kind to your children. What children need is not endless pocket money, but the candy that parents peel open and hand to their children!

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