Six sentences to inspire children throughout their lives (parents should read them no matter how busy they are)!

The first sentence: \”Child, no matter what happens, I will be with you, I will love you forever!\” (Security) The second sentence: \”You are unique, go your own way, be yourself!\” (Value Sentence) The third sentence: \”Maybe you are right, I just suggest that the decision is yours.\” (Dignity and self-responsibility) The fourth sentence: \”I believe you can handle your own affairs. If necessary, I will work with you Face it together and do my best to accompany you.\” (Confidence and Support) The fifth sentence: \”No matter how you do or behave, you are my dear child, and I still love you.\” (Acceptance and Encouragement) The sixth sentence: \”I like your behavior, but I don\’t like your behavior. This does not mean that I am right and you are wrong. But everything must be experienced and borne by oneself.\” (Personalization and self-responsibility) This The world flows in its own direction, every seed grows as it should, every child is born perfect and fulfilled, just as they are, with incomparable trust and blessings for life, gently speak the language of nourishing the child\’s mind! This is love!

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