Symptoms of early pregnancy and daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 13th week

Can I take a sauna during pregnancy? The higher temperature of the sauna will increase the temperature of the uterus, but this temperature will not affect the normal development of the fetus. As long as the pregnancy is normal, it is completely okay to take a sauna. However, due to a large amount of perspiration, the speed of circulation in the body is accelerated, the burden on the heart is increased, and the brain is prone to insufficient blood supply, making pregnant mothers prone to fainting. Pregnant mothers should avoid taking too long a bath. Due to poor ventilation, turbid air, and high humidity in the bathroom, the oxygen content in the air is reduced. Coupled with the stimulation of hot water, the blood vessels in the human body dilate. In this way, blood flows into the trunk, With more limbs, the blood entering the brain and placenta is relatively reduced, and the air supply to the brain is also inevitably reduced. Moreover, human brain cells have very low tolerance to hypoxia, which can cause pregnant mothers to faint. If a pregnant mother takes a bath for too long, it can also cause fetal hypoxia. If the time of hypoxia is short, it will generally not have any adverse consequences on the fetal brain. If the time is too long, it will affect the growth and development of the fetal nervous system. Therefore, generally pregnant mothers should not take a bath for more than 15 minutes at a time, or as long as the pregnant mother does not experience dizziness or chest tightness. Pregnant mothers should not use electric fans and air conditioners for a long time. Pregnant mothers have a very strong metabolism, and the heat emitted by their skin also increases. They sweat a lot in the hot season, so they often use electric fans or air conditioners to cool down, which is necessary. However, if a pregnant mother uses an electric fan to blow for a long time, or the air conditioner temperature is set too low for too long, she will suffer from dizziness, headache, fatigue, decreased diet and other uncomfortable reactions. When a pregnant mother sweats a lot, she should not turn on an electric fan or air conditioner right away, because at this time, the skin pores all over the body are loose and the sweat glands are wide open, and evil winds can easily take advantage of the weakness and cause a cold in mild cases and a high fever in severe cases, which is very harmful to pregnant women. Risk to the health of mother and fetus. Harmful to the health of pregnant mother and fetus. Precautions for Pregnant Mothers in Summer It is often said that you should get pregnant in ten months. Although the actual full-term pregnancy is usually more than 9 months, such a long pregnancy still makes it inevitable for most pregnant mothers to experience the summer pregnancy stage. The weather is hot in summer, and pregnant mothers who arrange their lives reasonably will make the entire pregnancy healthier and more enjoyable. In order to meet the growth and development needs of the pregnant mother and fetus during pregnancy, the basal metabolic rate of the pregnant mother gradually increases from the second trimester, the metabolism is accelerated, the heat production is also increased than that of ordinary people, and the body temperature increases by about 0.5°C. In the hot environment of summer, pregnant mothers are more likely to feel hot and sweat excessively. Therefore, the first thing pregnant mothers should pay attention to in summer is prevention and cooling. Pay attention to indoor ventilation. Do not blow directly on your body when using an electric fan; when using an air conditioner. Do not adjust the temperature of the air conditioner too low, and avoid going out when the temperature is too high at noon to avoid injury. Drink as much boiled water as possible and eat less cold drinks. Secondly, hot climate will also affect people\’s appetite. Pregnant mothers can try to make their diet cool and delicious according to their own taste preferences, and eat more vegetables and fruits. You should also bathe frequently, change clothes frequently, and keep your body clean. It is best to take a shower instead of a bath to avoid ascending infection caused by unclean objects or harmful bacteria in the water passing through the vagina during the bath.

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