Symptoms of pregnancy in the 22nd week: Listen to more prenatal music to promote the hearing development of the fetus

The fetal development status is now 22 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal ears have been fully formed and begin to respond to external sounds. From then on, the fetus begins to listen carefully to the outside world. By now, the fetus\’s bones are fully grown. If X-rays are transmitted, the skull, spine, ribs, arm and leg bones, etc. can be clearly seen, and the joints are also quite developed. As the fetal nerve fibers connect, muscles grow and strength increases, and the fetal movements become more purposeful and coordinated. He exercises to strengthen his muscles, improve his motor skills and strengthen his bones. The fetal eyelids and eyebrows are almost fully formed, the nails have lengthened and cover the ends of the fingers, and the palm prints on the hands are becoming more and more obvious. Now, a sheath begins to form around the fetal spinal nerves to protect the fetus from possible injury. He also developed his own immune system, which partially protected him from infection. Physical changes of pregnant mothers Nowadays, due to the sudden increase in weight and enlargement of the uterus, the center of gravity of the body of pregnant mothers has changed, and the graceful body shape before pregnancy has also been destroyed. Pregnancy hormones cause fingers, toes, and other joints to become loose. Because maintaining body balance becomes difficult, pregnant women should wear loose, lightweight clothing and low-heeled shoes for safety reasons. Related information download: Prenatal Education Music Collection The blood volume of pregnant mothers increases significantly. The increased blood volume mainly increases the plasma that causes physiological anemia during pregnancy, and plasma can dilute the blood of pregnant mothers. The concentration of blood, called hematocrit, is very low in the second trimester. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will suffer from anemia during this period, so it is very important to absorb sufficient iron to prevent anemia.

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