Symptoms of pregnancy in the 23rd week: The baby is close to what it looked like at birth

The development of the fetus: Now, the fetus\’s lips have become distinct; the eyes have also developed to a certain extent; the eyebrows and eyelids have taken root in their respective positions; below the gum line are the rudiments of teeth, which will appear in the second trimester. Continue to develop, and white deciduous teeth will appear around 6 months after birth. In addition, the spleen, which is necessary for the formation of hormones, is developing rapidly. The daily movements of the fetus include the activities of the fingers, toes, arms and legs. As a result, the pregnant mother will feel stronger fetal movements. The activity of the baby\’s hands and feet gradually increases, and the position of the body often changes in the amniotic fluid. If a pregnant mother appears in breech position, she does not need to be afraid, because the fetal position is not fixed. As the pregnancy progresses, the pregnant mother\’s body changes. The pregnant mother\’s abdomen, legs, chest, back and other parts may feel very itchy, and blisters and eczema may also appear. When itching symptoms are severe, pregnant mothers should consult a doctor and receive appropriate treatment. Take a shower frequently to keep your body clean and hygienic. Try to wear non-irritating cotton clothes, avoid greasy food, and consume more fruits and seaweed foods rich in vitamins and inorganic substances. As the belly of a pregnant mother becomes increasingly bulging, her body becomes bulky, her movements are slow, and her mood becomes irritable and restless. Hormonal changes during pregnancy are the main cause of mood swings in pregnant mothers, and a bloated body shape is also one of the causes of psychological stress. Pregnant mothers should accept the new feeling that pregnancy brings to their lives with a positive attitude, and face all kinds of discomforts during pregnancy with a peaceful attitude.

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