Symptoms of pregnancy in the 26th week: The baby’s taste nerve has formed

Fetal development: The fetus at 26 weeks begins to breathe, but the baby still cannot exhale and inhale real air. The main reason is that the fetus\’s lungs are not fully developed. Related reading: Prenatal education and enlightenment for babies in the 25th week of pregnancy. The baby can already open its eyes at this time. If you shine a flashlight on the abdomen at this time, the fetus will automatically turn its head to a bright place, which shows that the function of the fetus\’s optic nerve has begun. It worked. As the ear nerves continue to develop, he (she) can already hear his mother\’s voice and the lively world around him. Your baby may startle when the noise is too loud. Physical changes of pregnant mothers Pregnant mothers can feel the changes in their own hearts at this time. As the diaphragm rises as the uterus grows, the heart is pushed upward, closer to the chest and slightly to the left; the workload of the heart increases due to accelerated heart rate and maximum heartbeat. Nowadays, some pregnant mothers have insomnia or nightmares while sleeping. This is because subconsciously, pregnant mothers feel anxious and uneasy about pregnancy, are deeply afraid of the fact that they are about to become mothers, or are deeply concerned about the safety of the baby in their belly. Feeling worried. A good night\’s sleep has now become a pregnant mother\’s biggest hope. In fact, if you maintain a stable mood and a positive and optimistic attitude, these problems will be easily solved. It is not easy for pregnant mothers to maintain correct walking posture at this time, because the belly protrudes forward greatly and the body\’s center of gravity tilts forward obviously. You can try this pose, it will be very helpful for you: tighten the gluteal muscles and lift the hips slightly, which can reduce the load on the spine.

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