Symptoms of pregnancy in the 30th week: need to appease the \”little troublemaker\” and beware of premature birth

The development of the fetus: During this period, the fetus\’s brain grows rapidly, and its head becomes larger. Although it is still difficult to breathe on one\’s own and maintain body temperature, most of the basic body organs and respective functions are already in place. If premature birth occurs at this time, survival is more likely. Related reading: Prenatal education enlightenment for the baby in the 29th week of pregnancy. If the fetus is a boy, his testicles will move along the muscles from near the heart to the scrotum; if the fetus is a girl, her clitoris will become more obvious, and the clitoris is still small. on the outside of the labia, but moves into the inside of the labia minora weeks before delivery. The body changes of the pregnant mother: the height of the fundus of the pregnant mother\’s uterus rises between the navel and chest, compressing the stomach and heart. Because the stomach and heart cannot perform their respective functions well, symptoms such as chest tightness and stomach discomfort may occur. Sometimes it feels like food is stuck in your chest. Pregnant mothers are now experiencing shortness of breath as if they are in an oxygen-deficient environment. This phenomenon will continue until the 37th to 38th week of pregnancy (when the fetus begins to move downward). This symptom occurs because the uterus is too large and puts pressure on the diaphragm. To reduce symptoms of shortness of breath, stand or sit with a straight posture to avoid putting pressure on your diaphragm. It is recommended to use pillows or cushions on your head and shoulders when sleeping. At 30 weeks, pregnant mothers will occasionally feel that their belly is hard and tight. This is false contractions, so don’t be nervous. The baby will make a lot of noise in the mother\’s belly during every fetal movement. Sometimes the baby will turn itself over. At this time, the pregnant mother\’s belly will look uneven. The pregnant mother can carefully experience the relationship with the baby. The joy of interacting together. The closer you get to childbirth, the more difficult your movements and physical discomfort will become.

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