Symptoms of pregnancy in week 24: Swallowing amniotic fluid, fetal taste develops

After the fetus\’s development reaches 24 weeks of pregnancy, the blood vessels in the fetus\’s lungs develop, which is also preparing for breathing. In other words, the fetus is getting closer to a complete life. The fetus occupies a considerable space in the mother\’s womb at this time, and the proportions of the body begin to be symmetrical. The skin is thin and has many small wrinkles, and is covered with fine hairs. Related reading: Prenatal education enlightenment for pregnant mothers in the 23rd week of pregnancy. The fetus’s brain is developing rapidly at this stage. Although it still obtains oxygen through the placenta, his or her lungs are also developing and secreting “lubricant”, that is, alveolar surfactant. The substance keeps the air sacs in the lungs from being squashed or stuck together when the fetus exhales. The fetus often opens its mouth to drink amniotic fluid and then spits it out. When the umbilical cord or fingers are near the mouth, the face will reflexively turn away. Through these actions, the fetus lays the foundation for consciously looking for the mother\’s nipples when hungry after birth. At this time, the fetus is more sensitive to sounds from the outside world. Because the baby has been exposed to various sounds from the external environment in the mother\’s belly, he will not be frightened by ordinary sounds after birth. The body changes of pregnant mothers. At 24 weeks, pregnant mothers\’ bodies become heavier and heavier, and they will find that the pregnancy spots on their face and abdomen become more obvious and enlarged. Sometimes pregnant mothers may also feel that their eyes are dry and photophobic, so they can use appropriate amounts of soothing eye drops. You can feel that the uterus has exceeded the belly button and reaches 5 cm above the belly button. The weight of the pregnant mother has increased significantly this week, her belly has become noticeably larger, and her breasts have also significantly enlarged and bulged, approaching the body shape of a typical pregnant mother. From this point on, it is a stage where the body of the pregnant mother is very prone to fatigue. Because the growing uterus compresses various parts of the body, causing poor blood circulation in the lower body, it is particularly easy to get tired, and fatigue is difficult to relieve.

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