Symptoms of pregnancy in week 27: Can already tell the gender of the baby

Fetal development: Fetal brain activity is very active at 27 weeks. Unique sulci began to appear on the surface of the cerebral cortex, and brain tissue grew rapidly. Therefore, some researchers believe that fetuses at 27 weeks begin to dream, but no one can tell what dreams the baby has. At this time, the baby looks very similar to when he was born, except that he is thinner and smaller. Your baby\’s lungs, liver, and immune system still need to develop and mature. If born at this time, the baby still has a high chance of survival. Physical changes of the pregnant mother: At this time, the pregnant mother can feel that the baby is moving more often. Some of the activities are because the baby is having septum, which makes the pregnant mother feel that the fetal movement has increased. Pregnant mothers are very concerned about whether the number of fetal movements of the baby is normal. At this stage, only a rough comparison is enough. If you feel that your baby is moving less frequently than usual, please consult your doctor. Pregnant mothers\’ blood pressure will rise slightly during this period, but there is no need to worry too much. However, if you experience symptoms such as sudden weight gain, decreased vision, or swelling of your hands and feet, you should consult your attending doctor and undergo necessary examinations. Pregnant mothers suffer from increased fatigue in the leg muscles that support the body, and the bulging abdomen compresses the veins in the thighs, causing cramps or numbness in the legs. This phenomenon is most likely to occur when sleeping deeply at night, and sudden leg pain may even wake pregnant mothers up from their sleep. When you turn over or stretch your legs, your leg muscles will spasm and become very painful.

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