Symptoms of pregnancy in week 32: The baby’s space for movement becomes smaller

The fetus is already 32 weeks old, and its body and limbs are still growing, and will eventually grow in proportion to its head. The fetus now has more subcutaneous fat all over its body, wrinkles are reduced, and it looks more like a baby. By this week, the fetal movements that were very active in the early stage began to slow down significantly. This is not a problem with the fetus, on the contrary, it is a manifestation of normal fetal growth. As the fetus gets bigger, the increasingly crowded uterus causes the fetus to move less. The available space inside the uterus is narrow, so the fetus no longer moves around wildly, but instead moves its head left and right and other small movements. The fetus\’ current limbs and head are in moderate proportions, giving it the appearance of a baby about to be born. In addition, subcutaneous fat continues to grow, the body becomes chubby, and various organs become more mature. The nails on the hands and feet have all grown, and the lungs are still developing. Although the fetal skeleton is fully formed, the bones are still soft and easy to break. The pregnant mother\’s body changes as the fetus grows, and there is almost no extra space in the pregnant mother\’s belly. At this time, the pregnant mother\’s chest pain intensifies and breathing becomes more laborious. However, symptoms will lessen when the fetus descends into the pelvis. Before this, pregnant mothers had no choice but to endure the pain. You should develop the habit of sitting with an upright posture at ordinary times, which can help relieve chest pain. As the fundus of the uterus presses against the stomach, pregnant women begin to feel nauseous like early pregnancy symptoms. When your chest feels extremely uncomfortable and you cannot eat smoothly, do not eat too much food at one time. You can eat it in portions. As labor approaches, the fundus of the uterus will automatically slide down, and the pressure in the stomach will disappear.

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