Symptoms of pregnancy in week 34: You can prepare daily necessities for your baby

The development of the fetus: The fetus is now round and starting to gain weight. The fetal subcutaneous fat forms and will regulate the baby\’s body temperature after birth. The fetal fat on the baby\’s skin is getting thicker and thicker, and almost all the fetal hair has fallen off. Related articles: Prenatal education for babies in the 33rd week of pregnancy. At this stage, most babies are ready for birth – with their heads facing down. In the 34th week, the baby\’s central nervous system continues to develop, and the lungs are already quite well developed. It can survive even outside the uterus of a pregnant mother. Babies excrete approximately 600 ml of urine every day. Physical Changes of Pregnant Mothers Nowadays, in order to support the huge abdomen, pregnant mothers have to bear a very heavy burden on their legs, which often causes cramps and pain. Sometimes you will also feel cramping and tightening in your abdomen. Don\’t force yourself at this time. You should lie down, raise your legs slightly, and get enough rest. Pregnant mothers who stand for long periods of time at work may experience abdominal tightening and muscle pain when they feel tired. The top of the pregnant mother\’s uterus is about 13.75 centimeters beyond the navel. The size of growth during pregnancy is different for everyone. The most important thing is that the uterus continues to grow at a certain rate during pregnancy. Usually the amniotic fluid volume reaches its peak between 34 and 36 weeks, and begins to decrease from the 37th week to make more space for the baby. The fear of childbirth and the huge physical changes make pregnant mothers emotionally unstable. At this time, there was less than a month left before delivery. It is very important to maintain a peaceful mind and get enough rest.

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