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Symptoms of Pregnancy in Week 35: Uneasy Waiting

The development status of the fetus: The fetus is now accumulating fat in all parts of the body, especially the shoulders. As the baby grows rapidly, the uterus becomes very crowded and the baby moves less, but he is becoming stronger and more powerful. The fetus\’s two kidneys have fully developed, and the liver has begun to have the ability to detoxify and metabolize some things on its own. Nails grow on the fetus\’s fingers and become complete by the time of birth. The fetus may scratch itself when moving its arms in the womb, so we will see some scratches on the face of newborns. The skin color of the fetus turns pink with the accumulation of white fat. This white fat accumulated under the skin helps regulate the baby\’s body temperature, provides energy, and regulates the baby\’s weight after birth. With the formation of the pink fat layer, the wrinkles on the fetal skin gradually decrease. At the same time, the fetal fat that once covered the skin for protection also gradually thickens. Physical changes of pregnant mothers: Entering the 35th week of pregnancy, the fundus of the pregnant mother\’s uterus reaches its highest position and rises to the chest, compressing the stomach, lungs, and heart. Therefore, dyspnea and heart pain are most severe at this time. Due to the loss of appetite, eating becomes irregular, which in turn can lead to constipation or hemorrhoids. In addition, there will be tingling in the legs and numbness and spasm in the pelvic area. This is because the weight of the fetus compresses the nerves in the legs and pelvis. If the pain is particularly severe, you should consult a doctor and receive appropriate treatment. Related content: Prenatal education for the fetus in the 34th week of pregnancy. At the 35th week, when the fetus is moving in the abdomen, the pregnant mother can see the baby\’s hands, feet, and elbows protruding from the abdomen. This is because the uterine wall and abdominal wall have become Because it\’s very thin.

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