Symptoms of pregnancy in week 36: Weekly birth control is important

The development status of the fetus in the 36th week of pregnancy. The fetus has entered the stage of preparation for birth. All the organs of the body are fully developed and mature, waiting for the arrival of the birth moment. However, although the lungs are now fully mature, they are still unable to breathe on their own power. Therefore, if the fetus is born at this time, it must rely on an artificial respirator. Related content: Prenatal education for babies in the 35th week of pregnancy. In the last month of pregnancy, the fetal fetal hair has almost completely disappeared, with only some remaining on the shoulders, arms, legs or folds of the body. The skin becomes delicate and tender, and the skin is covered with vernix, making it easier for the fetus to slide out of the birth canal smoothly. The physical changes of the pregnant mother in the 36th week of pregnancy. After the 36th week of pregnancy, the pregnant mother begins to feel that the fetus is falling downwards. At this time, the thighs and around the pubic bone are compressed, and there is pain. This is because the fetus entering the birth canal puts pressure on the surrounding pelvis, so there is no need to worry too much. This feeling usually lasts until delivery. The pregnant mother\’s abdomen also begins to change. She will feel that the distance between the navel and the upper part of the uterus seems to shorten, and there will be a feeling of the abdomen falling downwards. This is a phenomenon caused by the fetus\’ head entering the birth canal. As the fetus descends, extra space will appear in the upper abdomen, and the pregnant mother\’s breathing will finally become comfortable, but the pelvis and bladder will feel greater pressure. The feeling of abdominal sinking varies from person to person. Some pregnant mothers can feel it a few weeks before delivery, while others only feel it when the fetus moves toward the birth canal after labor pains begin.

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