Symptoms of two months of pregnancy (11th week)

Symptoms of two months of pregnancy (11th week) Physical changes of pregnant mothers: All exercises performed to maintain the activity of the brain and autonomic nerves, lung movement, liver and kidneys, and digestive organs are called functional metabolism. Functional metabolism The calories required are called basal metabolic capacity. During this period, the basal metabolism of pregnant women increases rapidly, increasing by about 25% compared with before conception. Because calories are consumed quickly, you should consume enough protein and calories. Although everyone\’s situation is different, during pregnancy, the blood volume of pregnant mothers usually increases by more than 50%. Because the uterus continues to grow, the demand for blood increases. The increased blood protects the pregnant mother and fetus from emergency bleeding. Blood volume begins to increase in the first trimester and reaches its highest value in the second trimester. As the amount of blood increases, the amount of sweat produced by pregnant mothers will also increase, so they should pay attention to replenishing water. Symptoms of two months of pregnancy (11th week) fetal development: Entering the 11th week of pregnancy, the subtleties of the fetus have begun to develop, and the baby\’s fingernails and downy hair have begun to appear. The fetal life-sustaining organs such as liver, kidneys, intestines, brain and respiratory organs have begun to work. This week the outline of the fetal spine can be clearly seen, and the spinal nerves are beginning to grow. Related reading: Early pregnancy symptoms and daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 10th week. From now on, the development of the fetus\’s bone cells will accelerate, the limbs will slowly become longer, calcium salts will gradually accumulate, and the bones will harden. Therefore, at this time, the fetus must absorb a large amount of calcium from the pregnant mother\’s body. Starting from this week, the baby\’s main task in the next 6 months is to make itself strong and healthy to prepare for independent survival after birth.

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