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The 2-year-old baby’s face turns purple late at night and he can’t breathe! Because my mother usually likes to use this…

A few days ago, I went out to chat with my sisters. Shasha\’s mother told us very distressedly that 2-year-old Shasha was always out of breath suddenly late at night, and her face turned purple from holding it in. She and Shasha\’s father were scared to death! I went to the hospital for a checkup and found out that Shasha actually had asthma! The doctor said that the perfume that Shasha\’s mother, who loved to dress up, sprayed on her body every day, caused Shasha to develop asthma at such a young age. Shasha\’s mother was very regretful and annoyed. Your baby\’s respiratory tract is delicate and requires careful care. So today, I have also compiled some precautions that mothers usually ignore and may induce respiratory diseases in their babies! Mom must learn from the past and learn from it! 1. What things can easily cause babies to suffer from asthma? The baby\’s physical development is not yet complete, and the baby\’s defense ability against the outside world is relatively weak. When the baby is exposed to some allergens and irritants, he or she is prone to health problems such as asthma, rashes, and rhinitis. Plush dolls Stuffed dolls are very popular with babies, but the fine hair can easily breed bacteria. If they are filled with dust for a long time and are not exposed to sunlight, they can easily breed dust mites and induce allergies in babies. Recommendation: Clean once a week, expose to the sun or put in the dryer. Bed sheets and mattresses Your baby is in a period of rapid growth and has a strong metabolism. The frequently movable bed is not only used for sleeping, eating, but also for playing on it. Therefore, it is inevitable that a lot of bacteria will breed and a lot of dandruff will remain. Recommendation: replace and clean regularly. Expose sheets, mattresses, and quilt covers to the sun. While exposed to the sun, you can pat the cotton wool of these beddings from time to time for better cleaning. Perfume, air fresheners, and flower pollen are among the allergens for babies, so mothers must pay attention. Suggestion: Mom should try not to use perfume, air fresheners, etc. If you want to maintain a pleasant smell in your home, you can develop the habit of placing fruits in your living room. Firstly, as a decoration, the fruit is very fresh and cute, and secondly, the fruity aroma is the most natural and good taste! Cosmetics, permed and dyed hair, cigarette cosmetics and hair dyes all contain chemicals that may cause damage to your baby\’s fragile immune system, especially cigarettes. Secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 harmful chemicals such as tar, ammonia, nicotine, suspended particles, PM2.5, and polonium-210, as well as dozens of carcinogens. Recommendation: Mothers should clean the makeup on their faces before having close contact with the baby, and try not to dye their hair. The baby\’s own resistance is weak. It is recommended that parents who have smoking habits at home should stay away from the baby and never smoke in front of the baby. Secondhand smoke may cause tooth decay, otitis media, asthma and other problems in babies, so it should not be ignored! Certain foods, seafood, eggs, milk, spices, fruits, etc. may cause allergies in babies. Recommendation: Mothers should add complementary foods to the baby strictly according to the baby\’s age, add small amounts, and patiently observe the baby\’s tolerance. Urine and saliva from pets and potted pets may be allergens. Pollen, mold, spores, etc. in potted plants may also become allergens. Recommendation: Parents who have pets at home should pay attention to whether their babies are allergic to pet excrement, and take good care of the plants at home to reduce the risk of allergies.Reduce the possibility of baby allergies. 2. What symptoms indicate that your baby may have asthma? Children develop respiratory infections and allergies due to respiratory infections and inhalation of allergic substances, which manifest as itchy eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, and runny nose. These symptoms often last hours or days before an asthma attack occurs. The main symptoms of asthma in children are difficulty in exhaling, and symptoms such as coughing and expectoration. When checking the lungs, a whistling-like sound can be heard, which is called \”wheezing\”. 3. What should mothers do to prevent asthma in babies? Create a good environment for your baby and avoid allergens. Your baby\’s room should be kept clean and tidy. Bedding should be cleaned frequently and exposed to the sun. Do not lay carpets. Curtains and bookshelves, which are easily overlooked \”hardest hit areas\” for dust mites, should be cleaned regularly. Pets should not enter your baby\’s room. Keep warm and prevent colds and asthma in children. The key is prevention. Especially in late autumn, the climate changes drastically and the temperature difference between day and night is large. In addition, children are weak and prone to colds, which can lead to asthma. Supplement nutrition, strengthen exercise, pay attention to strengthen nutrition, supplement your children with enough protein, vitamins, and trace elements to maintain their nutritional balance. You can eat more foods that are warm and flat in nature, such as rice, corn, glutinous rice, oats, beef, pork, chicken, and eel, but millet, buckwheat, mung beans, barley, crab, clam meat, and duck meat are cold in nature. Eat less food. It is inevitable to strengthen the baby\’s physical fitness by strengthening exercise, especially outdoor sports, which can enhance the baby\’s body\’s ability to adapt to nature and reduce allergic reactions. But children with asthma should avoid strenuous exercise! To maintain a good mood and good sleep quality, you should prevent your baby from being overworked in daily life, ensure the quality of sleep, and increase exercise to improve your baby\’s ability to adapt to the environment and reduce the possibility of getting sick. Parenting is no small matter! Don’t wait for your baby’s health to go wrong before you regret it! Remember to remind the mothers around you! Try to avoid this happening again!

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