The best way to have sex is the way that suits you

To increase the pregnancy rate, in addition to finding the correct ovulation day, you should also fully understand your physiological characteristics, especially the position of your uterus. Everyone should adopt different methods of intercourse according to the position of the uterus, which is also the key to improving the pregnancy rate.

Semen is injected into the vagina. After being fully liquefied, it will gather in the vaginal vault to form a semen pool. If you want to increase the pregnancy rate, you should try to immerse the cervix into the semen pool so that the sperm can It will pass through the cervix and enter the uterus more smoothly. If the cervix is ​​not immersed in the semen pool, then the cervix is ​​an insurmountable mountain for small sperm.

The positions of women’s uterus are different, generally there are two types: anterior uterine position and posterior uterine position. For women with an anterior uterus, the appropriate way to have sex is for the man to lie prone on the woman’s body, facing each other. In order to increase the chance of conception, after intercourse, the woman can put a pillow under her buttocks to tilt her pelvis upward so that her cervix is ​​just immersed in the semen pool, and she should maintain this position for half an hour. For women with a posterior uterus, they can use the rear-entry position, with the man entering from the rear of the woman. After intercourse, they should lie prone, with a pillow under the abdomen, so that the cervix is ​​just immersed in the semen pool, and the posture should be maintained for half a minute. Hours.

In addition, if the woman stands up immediately after ejaculation, the semen may flow out and prevent fertilization. Therefore, before having sex, the woman should empty her bladder to avoid getting up due to the urge to urinate. At the same time, you should avoid taking a shower after having sex.

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