The consequences of teasing children like this are really terrible

Do children need to be amused to have fun? Teasing children casually is never a good thing for them! Teasing children like this will have serious consequences. During the Spring Festival, Ye Zi\’s family decided to return to their hometown for the New Year. I visited relatives and friends whom I had not seen for a long time. The relatives were very enthusiastic, and some of them especially liked to amuse their sons. But slowly Ye Zi realized something was wrong. Once, an elder came to the family. After a few words of greeting, she teased her son: \”Baby, you are so cute, come with me today! Your mother doesn\’t want you anymore.\” After saying that, she picked up her son and pretended When I wanted to leave, my son couldn\’t struggle, so he started crying. Instead of paying attention, she blamed the child for being \”unstoppable\”. Ye Zi stood nearby, dumbfounded, looking at his son\’s face turning red as he cried, feeling very distressed. Later, I was having dinner with some relatives. At the dinner table, a man was holding white wine and teasing his son: \”Try it, it tastes delicious.\” The son couldn\’t resist the temptation and took a sip, but he choked and cried. . The man laughed. Ye Zi was a little angry and walked away with his son in his arms, but her husband complained to Ye Zi: \”What\’s wrong with the little kid? Didn\’t anyone tease you when you were a kid?\” Ye Zi took his son back early in anger. It seems harmless to tease a child like this? Not really! The purpose of teasing children is to make them laugh, not to make them cry. The purpose of teasing children is not to destroy the child\’s sense of security and put the child into panic. Children are innocent, but he took your jokes seriously. You don’t know how scary that face looks to the child when you “tease” it! Teasing children is not teasing them. Many people still think that teasing children is not too much. However, do you know whether you are \”teasing the child\” for the sake of their happiness, or \”teasing the child\” for your own happiness? When I was a child, my aunt took advantage of my mother not being at home and threatened me that my mother would leave me because I was disobedient. Don\’t want me anymore? I couldn\’t believe it. I cried and searched all over the house, but still couldn\’t find my mother. I fell into fear. Just when I was desperate, my mother came up with vegetables. It turned out that she was just selling vegetables. Later, this incident became a \”joke\” for my aunt. However, she didn\’t know that from then on, for a long time, I was cautious, walking on thin ice, for fear that my mother would not want me. To this day, I still occasionally dream about being abandoned and wake up crying in fear. Maybe from my aunt\’s perspective, she was just joking with me. However, when you joke, you don’t want the other person to find it funny, right? Therefore, I never think that people who use scare tactics to amuse children have good intentions. On the contrary, in their view, the child is just an object of teasing, and they just want to use the child\’s tears to whitewash their boring life. If you take advantage of your child\’s youth and ignorance to fool you, and use your child\’s ignorance to entertain yourself, how can you let your child get true protection and love? Respecting children\’s feelings is the only way to truly love children. We believe that teasing children is a good way to get closer to them, and it is also a sign of loving children. As everyone knows, to truly love your children is to put their feelings first. Because I understand, I love you even more. I once met a mother in a shopping mall who cooperated with an acquaintance to tease her child. She told her child that she \”didn\’t want her anymore.\”With despair. However, this mother and her friend covered their mouths and snickered, with a look of pride that could not be concealed on their faces. You are laughing at this moment, but you don’t know that your child is struggling in despair! Teasing children in the name of liking and loving them is actually viciously hurting them. No child can laugh off the experience of being deceived and teased. Not respecting the child\’s feelings and ignoring the child\’s heart is not really loving the child. Teasing back and forth, the child\’s innocence is exhausted in the teasing, and fear, uneasiness, helplessness, and doubt are added to the child, and the child struggles with negative emotions. Teasing a child is never about making the child cry. To really amuse children is to bring them happiness and convey positive energy to them. This is \”amusing\”. To tease children with their sense of security and watch them make fools of themselves is just the lowest level of \”fun\” for bored adults. The growth of children requires our careful care. Parents who truly love their children will consider their children\’s feelings first in everything they do, respect their children, and will never treat their children as string dolls that can be played with at will. So, next time someone teases your child like this, please say \”no\” decisively!

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