The impact of pregnant mothers staying up late on their babies

Staying up late is an urban disease among contemporary young people. According to data, women account for a larger proportion of people with insomnia, especially expectant mothers after pregnancy. This phenomenon is particularly serious! Because of insomnia, many expectant mothers start playing with their mobile phones, watching videos and playing games. As a result, the more they play, the more they cannot fall asleep. In the end, insomnia directly turns into staying up late! In this case, the expectant mother will not be able to get up the next morning, feeling uncomfortable, dizzy, and lack of energy all day long. During pregnancy, expectant mothers may do whatever feels comfortable to them, and they may not think that staying up late will cause harm to the baby in their belly. In fact, the real situation is not like this. According to German pregnancy and infantology experts, babies born to expectant mothers who stay up late for a long time are twice as likely to have mental retardation as babies born to expectant mothers with a normal schedule. They will show signs of mental retardation at school age. Inattention, hyperactivity, etc. occur. So when the expectant mother stays up late at night, what is the baby in her belly doing? Let me take you through it below! Hiccups and hiccups: In order to be able to breathe well outside the womb in the future, the fetus will start to swallow amniotic fluid, burp and exercise the diaphragm when it wakes up. The fetus has already mastered these skills when the expectant mother is about 20 weeks pregnant. Punch and kick, punch and kick: As the fetus becomes more active and its muscles become more developed, it will take longer and longer to wake up. At this time, the naughty baby will \”punch and kick\” at the mother, which will cause pain to the mother! Turning in circles: If the fetus often maintains one position, it will feel very tired staying in one place. So the fetus will come out from time to time to spin in circles and stretch its muscles. Make faces and make faces: The fetus will \”smile\” around 26 weeks of pregnancy, and \”cry\” by 30 weeks of pregnancy. This is caused by developed nerves and muscle contraction. It is not caused by laughing when you are happy or crying when you are sad. The fetus will also make naughty faces to \”tease\” itself when it has nothing to do. We all know that the inside of the uterus is a completely closed environment, dark without any light. However, when babies reach six months of development, they can distinguish light, and their hearing and vision also develop rapidly. At this time, the baby can hear sounds from the outside world and the mother\’s heartbeat. In other words, if an expectant mother stays up late playing with her mobile phone or watching TV, the baby in her belly will be able to clearly feel it. Therefore, when expectant mothers stay up late, your baby is also staying up late with you. It is recommended that expectant mothers should pay attention to the fetal movements of the baby in the belly even if they do not sleep well, because he is fighting side by side with you. In addition to affecting fetal sleep, what other effects does staying up late have? 01 Affects the development of the fetus. If the expectant mother stays up late for a long time, it will cause endocrine disorders. In this case, the environment inside the expectant mother\’s uterus will also change. If the fetus does not have a good growth environment, it will cause developmental delays and other phenomena. Moreover, the expectant mother\’s confusing lifestyle will also cause the baby to have a different schedule from the adults after birth, resulting in the baby having a bad temper and being prone to crying. 02 Increase the chance of the umbilical cord wrapping around the neck. If the expectant mother remains happy for a long time,If the baby is in a state of excitement and tension, the baby in the belly will also follow the mother\’s frequent activities in the womb. This kind of frequent activity increases the chance of the fetal umbilical cord wrapping around the neck, which is very dangerous. 03 Causes expectant mothers to have bad temper. During pregnancy, expectant mothers have bad temper, depression and staying up late are all related to it. Mother and child are connected. We all know that the mood of the expectant mother can affect the fetus in her belly at all times. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers must maintain a happy mood during pregnancy. How can expectant mothers improve sleep quality and avoid staying up late? 01 Drink a glass of milk before going to bed. Expectant mothers can drink a small cup of warm milk before going to bed, which can improve the quality of sleep. It should be noted that it is best to drink milk half an hour before going to bed, and do not lie down to sleep after drinking it. 02 Soak your feet before going to bed. We all like to take a bath or soak our feet before going to bed, so that we will feel much more comfortable while sleeping. But since expectant mothers have difficulty moving with a big belly, we can replace bathing with foot soaking. Foot soaking can not only promote blood circulation, but also relax the body and mind, so that the quality of sleep of expectant mothers will naturally improve. 03 Go to bed at a fixed time Even if the expectant mother cannot sleep, she should develop a good sleep schedule. Because the human body has regularity, if we rest at a fixed time every day, then we will reflexively want to sleep at that time. This can improve the quality of sleep. If you really can\’t sleep, don\’t play with your mobile phone, watch TV, etc. The expectant mother can close her eyes and relax to create the illusion that she has fallen asleep. For the health of yourself and your fetus, it is recommended that expectant mothers adjust their work and rest habits. Unless there are special circumstances, expectant mothers should not stay up late!

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