The most difficult month of pregnancy is

Who hasn’t had a few meltdowns during pregnancy? You may cry loudly, or you may be exhausted physically and mentally, but no matter what, I hope that all expectant mothers who are still pregnant can be stronger, eliminate bad emotions from the body, and throw negative states out of the sky. The most important thing is, I hope all husbands will feel more love for our great expectant mother after reading this article. It is really not easy! ! @ mushroomcloud: Sciaticofemoral neuralgia, pain when standing, pain when sitting, pain when lying down, pain when lying down. People who have never been pregnant cannot understand this sour feeling… @stillwatersdeep: From the time I was hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum right after I got pregnant, to the stomach bleeding caused by vomiting, and until I vomited for more than nine months, this is the most devastating thing. What! Fortunately, the due date is only ten days away, and I am finally getting over it. @小瓜LU: My waist hurts. It hurts when I walk for a while. It hurts when I sit for a while. It even hurts so much when I lie down and sleep. Also, the quality of sleep is so bad. I used to sleep until dawn, but now I dream whenever I sleep. I have to wake up many times a night. When I wake up, I can’t fall asleep for a long time. I feel like crying when I look at my husband who is sleeping soundly next to me. @Emily: Who said that having a second child is less worrying than having a first child? Who am I to worry about? Not to mention that you have to take care of your eldest daughter when you are pregnant with a second child, you have to go to work, and you have to do all the housework, hygiene, and cooking. The recurring eczema, constipation, and hemorrhoids during pregnancy are enough to make you doubt your life! What’s even more desperate is that you go to the doctor and the doctor tells you that you need to be careful with your medication because you’re pregnant, and it’s best to pay attention to a light diet, etc., and then leaves you to face it alone… It’s really hard to have eczema itching for ten days and a half. It’s so common. Pubic diastasis and hemorrhoids cause pain for two or three days and make you unable to sit or stand. That’s enough! When I am constipated, I am really afraid that I will poop the baby out directly. Counting the days until term on my fingers, I really want to cut it out as soon as it reaches term! @undercurrent: Morning sickness is very serious. I went to the hospital. I started vomiting less than 30 days ago and it took five months to get better. Now it has been more than seven months since I was not in good condition and I still vomit. I feel tired after riding in the car and not eating well. . I was nauseous at first and couldn\’t breathe at night. I would wake up several times with nausea. Then I was nauseous all the time. Finally, I was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum. I received injections and fasted from water and water. I still felt like vomiting all the time and had to go to the toilet five times an hour to vomit. , and the drip was extremely painful, the blood vessels almost hurt to death. I had many injections every day, and the indwelling needles eventually became clogged. My stomach was sour and painful. After the injection in the middle of the night, I wandered alone in the corridor of the hospital in pain. I was very thirsty. In short, It’s so hard. It’s recommended that those who have severe vomiting must hold on to eat. Otherwise, the urine ketones will be too low due to hunger, resulting in hyperemesis gravidarum and hospitalization, which will be very painful. I thought I couldn\’t hold on anymore. There are still two months left. I am currently in breech position with two placentas. I hope I can give birth naturally. @梦蜜AMA: I have been renting a house near the hospital to protect my pregnancy since I was pregnant. I got up at 5 a.m. every morning to queue up, had blood drawn at 7 a.m., got three abdominal injections a day, put a sling bottle in for three or four hours, and took more than a dozen kinds of medicine. This lasts until three months. It’s been more than six months now, and I’ve had almost 300 injections in my belly. If I don’t dare to hit my stomach, I’ll hit my arms and thighs… More than 100 tubes of blood have been drawn… Compared with these, morning sickness, nausea, swollen gums, dizziness, dehydration, and panic seem to be nothing.& #8230;Compared with the physical pain, the fear and fear in my heart every day is the most difficult thing. Waiting for blood test results is like waiting for a trial, like a high school senior looking at college entrance examination scores, like family members outside the intensive care unit… And I am actually not an exception, just a member of the army of pregnancies… I hope my babies will work hard until they are full term! @青子: My current troubles are sleeping on my left side and getting up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. I feel so sleepy that I have to get up again… @Chifeng: I\’m vomiting to the point where I doubt my life, I\’m vomiting to the point where I don\’t want this child anymore, I\’m vomiting all day long and I can\’t eat anything. Something, only a few weeks old. It has only been 4 days since the day I first started vomiting, and I have already lost 5 pounds. I can\’t even drink water. I will vomit immediately after drinking it. Fortunately, it feels much better when I go to sleep. Although I am easily woken up by nausea, I don\’t know anything when I fall asleep. @飞儿: I lost more than 20 kilograms due to early morning sickness. I vomited whatever I ate and my stomach was so uncomfortable. After four months, I slowly started to have an appetite, but my stomach became bloated as soon as I finished eating. I also walked a lot and my stomach bloated until I was seven. It was only a month later that I realized it was false contractions. I took birth control pills for a week and lay down for more than a month. Now I am still bloated when I walk for more than eight months. I gradually increased my exercise in the hope that it would not affect the natural delivery! Also, I am getting more and more tired when I go to bed at night, and my fingers are swollen and painful. The next month or so will be difficult to endure, but with my baby by my side, I will definitely try my best! ! Looking forward to meeting the baby! Finally, what do sisters think is the most difficult thing during pregnancy? Welcome to continue sharing~ Here, Doudehui also hopes that all the expectant mothers will go well and good luck (pregnancy)!

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