The reason why you can\’t conceive a child?

A colleague asked: Why am I not pregnant yet? Sir: Thank you for the invitation. Pregnancy is like farming. The fields are fertile, but if the seeds planted are shriveled and bad, they will definitely not germinate. No matter how good the soil is, it will be useless. If the seeds are good, there are no nutrients in the ground, just like saline-alkali soil, and no matter how good the seeds are, they will not be able to germinate. If the ground has enough nutrients and the seeds are healthy and plump, they may sprout if planted. If the soil is good and the seeds are good, will they sprout if they are sown? No, not necessarily. Because the third most important factor in farming is seasonality. If you have good seeds and good soil, you also need to understand the season and know how to sow at the right time. At the same time, you also need to take advantage of wind, rain, and wet weather conditions. The ground is good, the seeds are good, and the season is right, but the ground is so dry that it can crack. If it doesn’t rain for a few days, the seeds will dry up and die. If it rains too much, the rainwater will flood the soil and there will be a lack of air in the soil. In this way, the seeds will be suffocated and drowned. If a seed never germinates after it is planted in the ground, it will never germinate as long as it is planted. So obviously the problem does not concern the following possibilities: 1. The land is not good. If this is the case, the woman may not have enough blood, which is too barren to give birth to a little life. 2. The seeds are not good. If this is the case, the man may not have enough sperm. The loss is too severe, so you need to recharge your batteries and slowly build up your energy. 3. The ground is not good and the seeds are not good either. It\’s like a shriveled seed sown in a saline-alkali land, with no chance of germination. Both men and women need to do self-repair training, men nourish their essence and women nourish their blood. 4. There is no problem with the ground and the seeds. The problem may lie in not following the solar terms. The time is not right. The probability of this possibility is also very high. If this is the case, you don’t need to regulate your body, but you need to learn and master professional farming and sowing knowledge. 5. The earth and seeds, the seasons, are all fine. It may be due to the irregularity of the hydrological environment and climate. If this is the case, you need to master more advanced agricultural knowledge and skills such as irrigation and drainage. The principles of pregnancy and farming are highly consistent. The principles of the world are all interlinked. It is said that everything is accessible to all. I don’t know if this analogy would make it easier to understand. ([How to save energy and nourish blood and energy?] Closed.) For more top-level insider information, please add the teacher on WeChat: 602983602 [Join the group to learn the secrets of not getting sick and the success of children] Warm reminder: (When adding friends, please indicate: Join Group) PS1. This group only adds colleagues who agree with orthodox Chinese medicine health care, Chinese education, and traditional culture. Otherwise, please do not disturb! PS2. There are many people adding WeChat, so there will be a delay in passing friend verification. Please wait patiently. I wish you health and happiness!

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