The reason why you can\’t conceive a child? How could she be pregnant with a child!

As we all know, my country’s fertility rate has dropped off a cliff in recent years. Data from the seventh census show that my country’s fertility rate dropped to 1.3 in 2020, with only 12 million births throughout the year, the birth rate hitting the lowest level on record. You know, going forward 60 years, our country\’s total fertility rate once exceeded 6, making it a well-deserved country with a large population. Introduction to the BBC documentary Wings of Life Download Ultra HD 1080P From 6 to 1.3, my country\’s total fertility rate has been lower than the international warning line and has entered the ranks of the countries with the lowest fertility rate in the world. Moreover, there is evidence that the fertility rate will further drop to around 1.1 in 2021, and the number of births may drop to around 10 million. Why is it that now that living conditions are better, education levels have improved, and the two- and three-child policy has been gradually liberalized, it is becoming more and more difficult to have a baby? What exactly is the problem? Poor living habits affect natural fertility. Economist Ren Zeping once wrote in an article: \”China\’s current main childbearing population, those who want to have second and third children must be those born in 1975-85, and we cannot count on those born in the 90s and 2000s.\” Why not count on those of the right age? Young people, but put the burden of childbearing on those born in the 1980s? One favorable comment said: \”Nowadays, people born in the 1990s and 2000s stay up late every day irregularly, and their physical fitness is not necessarily better than those born in the 1980s.\” I deeply agree. In fact, when it comes to fertility issues, the first thing we think of should be our own reasons. Many bad living habits that we don’t take seriously are actually the reasons that are not conducive to normal pregnancy. Both men and women should pay attention to these factors and don\’t regret it when they really want to hold a baby. 1. The dangers of staying up late have been fully discussed. For women, staying up late is the cause of many female diseases, including breast nodules, uterine fibroids, endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, premature ovarian failure, etc. Men who often stay up late can suffer from kidney qi deficiency, kidney essence deficiency, sperm production difficulties, and a higher chance of sperm deformity. Any of these factors will increase the difficulty of childbearing. 2. Everyone has the desire to lose weight and love beauty. In order to pursue beauty, many women will use diet, medicine, acupuncture and other methods to pursue a beautiful figure. However, unhealthy weight loss methods will affect endocrine and ovarian function, may reduce the secretion of progesterone, and may also cause premature ovarian failure. 3. Smoking The harm of smoking is not only for smokers, but also for people who often inhale second-hand smoke. Nicotine in tobacco can affect sperm quality, affect the development of spermatogenic cells, and has a lethal effect on sperm. This is why doctors advise men to quit smoking before preparing for pregnancy. 4. Drinking alcohol. Long-term drinking is definitely harmful to the human body. Drinking alcohol can also induce chronic prostatitis, the semen will not liquefy, the sperm count will decrease, the sperm survival rate and motility will decrease, and the malformation rate will increase, thus affecting fertility. For women, it does no harm at all. 5. Not paying attention to personal hygiene. Regardless of whether you have sex or not, you should actually pay attention to personal hygiene. This is the best way to reduce gynecological diseases. If you don\’t pay attention to yourselfHygiene, especially hygiene of private parts, will have an impact on fertility once gynecological diseases occur. If we want to increase the fertility rate, we should first increase our awareness of healthy living and not let an indulgent and luxurious life poison our bodies. Getting married late and having children misses the best fertility period. My cousin Xiaoyu got married at the age of 22, but she is 32 this year and still has no children. At first, her family was urging her to give birth. She felt that she was still young and should focus on her career first. But now, I want to have a baby, but my preparations for pregnancy have repeatedly failed. The doctor said that in addition to being affected by long-term high-pressure work, it was also related to her missing the best childbearing age. In a popular science program on CCTV, the issue of the optimal age for childbearing was mentioned. Experts said that for women over 35 years old, the number and quality of eggs will decrease, and the success rate of IVF will also decrease. People really have to accept old age. For women after 35 years old, the aging phenomenon of the body will gradually appear: for older men, the quantity and quality of sperm will also decrease, and the rate of chromosomal abnormalities and mutations in germ cells will also gradually increase. Therefore, both men and women will experience decreased sperm activity and egg quality as they age. Not only does the probability of natural pregnancy decrease, but the possibility of miscarriage, fetal arrest, and premature birth after pregnancy will also increase. Although there are many risks of old age, there are still a large number of young people who have missed the best childbearing age, and the goddess Gao Yuanyuan is no exception. Gao Yuanyuan once posted a short film titled \”I, 39\” on Weibo. When she was 39 years old, she confessed her views on not having children: \”It\’s not my fault that I didn\’t have children. 30 is really not a time to be anxious, and even 40 is not necessarily a time to be anxious.\” Although the goddess has an attitude of letting nature take its own course in response to various requests from netizens, the risks involved in giving birth at the age of 40 cannot be ignored. Chenma knows that many young people nowadays believe that they should try more new things while they are young and seize all the time to complete what they want to do first. There are also many people who regard pregnancy as a natural thing and do not need to become a \”nanny\” prematurely. But not too early does not mean late pregnancy. Whether it is for the health of the child or your own physical safety, try to complete the transformation of your life at the best stage of fertility. The high cost of raising a child is the key to the fear of having children. In May last year, after my country announced the full liberalization of three children, many people actually expressed their reluctance. The survey shows that so far only 7.9% of women of childbearing age believe that having three children or more is ideal. Among the comments that reject three children, the most popular reason is: How to raise the child after giving birth? When you have a baby now, it’s not like 50 years ago. You only need to give the child enough food and drink, and the clothes are not torn. From eating, drinking, playing, and having fun to teaching, learning, wearing, and traveling, children are spending money everywhere. There is a mother in Xiaohongshu who recorded the list of expenses for raising her baby for 21 months. Swipe left and right to see more. In just 21 months, a full 37,389.2 yuan was spent. From the beginning of pregnancy, prenatal check-ups, confinement, vaccines, milk powder, diapers, nutritional supplements, and clothing are all things that cost money.. As children grow up, education, medical care, travel, and entertainment are all a huge burden on parents. It is easy to raise one child, but it is obviously much more difficult to raise two children. For most families, three children is a fantasy. There are statistics on the cost of raising a baby in various parts of the country, and the top ten numbers are really beyond Chen\’s mother\’s imagination. I have to admit that raising children is no longer what it used to be. Investment in education alone has increased a lot. The \”2017 China Family Education Consumption White Paper\” shows that during the children\’s preschool education stage, education expenditures account for 26% of the family\’s annual income; during the compulsory education and high school education stages, education expenditures account for 21% of the family\’s annual income; and at the university level, education expenditures account for 21% of the family\’s annual income. 29% of revenue. If possible, who wouldn’t want to have two or three children laughing and dancing around their knees, but the high cost of raising children is indeed a problem that stands in front of us. Raising one child can take up such a large proportion of a family\’s income, let alone the pressure that two or three children will have to face. Fortunately, after the opening of the three-child policy, the country stated that it will take financial, tax, insurance, education, housing, employment and other support measures to help everyone reduce the burden of family birth, parenting, and education. Although raising a baby is stressful right now, one day we will be able to give birth to a baby lightly without too much pressure and worries. If you want to have a healthy baby, there are really many factors that need to be considered and prepared. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M. We must maintain a healthy lifestyle, seize the best childbearing age, and have children reasonably according to our own financial situation.

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