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The ten most embarrassing things during pregnancy


Oct 1, 2023 #fetal period

01 I can tolerate leaking urine when I sneeze or cough. The most terrible thing is that urine leaks every time I sneeze. And in the third trimester of pregnancy, you still have to worry about whether the sneeze is leaking urine or whether the amniotic fluid has been broken. . Definitely the best embarrassment during pregnancy! 02 Exhaustion increases. It’s really embarrassing to fart regardless of the occasion. It’s so embarrassing that I can’t even hold it in! 03 Morning sickness or morning sickness A friend of mine got pregnant in the congested traffic in Beijing. She had to get off the subway several times every day to go to work to solve the problem of morning sickness. A subway ride of more than an hour is more tiring for her than an eight-hour shift. The most terrible thing is that during pregnancy, you are particularly sensitive to various smells. If any smell pops into your nose, you can\’t help but start \”wow-wow-wow-wow\”. It\’s so embarrassing when eating with colleagues or going shopping. No wonder people say that being pregnant will affect normal social life. It’s true when you think about it. Especially for people like us who have a lot of thoughts and strong self-discipline. Whenever we get morning sickness outside, we will sprint at a speed of 100 meters to find the bathroom. Passers-by A and B are so shocked that they are stunned for a while. It is probably rare to see them. A pregnant woman can still run so fast! 04 I always feel hungry when I go out to dinner with my colleagues in the company. Other girls are trying to lose weight and slurp their food. However, in the second trimester of my pregnancy, I was a huge eater. After eating the second bowl of rice, I felt a little bit empty in my stomach. Feeling hungry, when he shouted: \”Boss, have another bowl\”, countless surprised and frightened eyes shot over me! I was so embarrassed, and it wasn’t until this moment that I suddenly realized, oh, did I eat too much? But it’s obviously just the beginning! Next, why would the Lun family be embarrassed to eat? 05 Sensitive Very Sensitive I have a colleague who is a mother. Now her baby is over 3 years old, and she is still worried about an interesting incident during pregnancy. I feel embarrassed every time I talk about it. When she was pregnant, she once took a bus. After standing there for an hour, the person next to her was about to get off, but a little boy sat on it. Then she broke down and burst into tears. However, it was really a normal reaction at that time. Because pregnant mothers are very sensitive during pregnancy. A small thing can make people burst into tears. If you want to blame it, blame it on hormones! 06 My breasts have become so big. A friend of mine has very big breasts. She has to put two balls on her desk every day when she goes to work. She cannot see the stairs when she goes downstairs. After pregnancy…you know…anyway, I heard that she now has to buy bras worn by foreigners overseas. 07 Urinary urgency and frequent urination. When I go out in the third trimester of pregnancy, I want to carry the toilet on my back. When I go to bed at night, I want to lie down directly on the toilet. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! I am not in the bathroom every day, but on the way to the bathroom. I know where there are bathrooms in the shopping malls near our home and company. It seems that pregnancy can really make people gain insights! 08 Increased secretions. Pregnant mothers love to sweat. Let’s not talk about it. There is so much secretion that even two pairs of underwear a day are still wet. It is truly embarrassing beyond words. 09 Constipation Some pregnant mothers are troubled by constipation due to their eating habits. They don’t dare to exert force when going to the toilet. What should I do if I accidentally give birth to the baby when I go to the toilet? ah? 10. The hands are not long enough. After the belly grows, the hands are not long enough when wiping the butt after using the toilet.! Still shy!

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