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The typhoon is coming before the heavy rain has passed! These life-saving knowledge must be taught to children

In the past two days, many people\’s hearts have been drawn to the disasters caused by heavy rains in Anhui and Hubei. It is said that Jiangsu has also entered the sea-viewing mode due to two consecutive days of heavy rain. As of July 3 statistics, 1,192 counties in 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country have suffered from floods, with a population of 32.82 million affected, 1.48 million people evacuated urgently, 186 people died and 45 people were missing due to the disaster, and direct economic losses were about 506 million. billion. The floods here are not over yet. This year\’s first typhoon \”Nibert\” may make things worse for everyone. The following is the typhoon route map predicted by the Central Meteorological Observatory↓↓↓ Doudehui really hopes that this prediction is not accurate. We really I can\’t stand the rainy days anymore! However, Doudehui also knows that this typhoon will not disappear just because of a word from Doudehui, so all we can do is to protect our own safety and make various emergency preparations, so Doudehui prepared a rainstorm for everyone. Survival Guide. Here is an explanation of why the car should be filled with water: after the vehicle enters the water, water will rush into the car quickly. At this time, the water pressure is very high, making it difficult for people in the car to open the door and escape. Only when the car is filled with water and the pressure on both sides of the door is equal, is it possible to open the door. Life is more important than anything else. The weather is bad. Please take precautions before it happens and protect yourself and your family. Text|Education Teachers Guide

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