• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

The vicious Mother Duck slapped the Chinese parents hard in the face!

I specially showed this short video to 3 and a half year old Tongtong. While watching it, she shouted: \”Duck paper, come on! Duck paper, come on!\” Her little face turned red from being anxious. When Tongtong saw that the last little duck finally caught up with the big group after his continuous efforts, Tongtong couldn\’t help but applaud. I asked her: \”Why do you applaud the duck?\” She said: \”Because it keeps jumping up and up with all its strength.\” Jumping up with all its strength is the most positive state of life. Such a lovely group of ducks are really inspiring. Full of positive energy! We are also inspired by Mother Duck\’s inaction-oriented education method – on the road to growth, there are many things that parents cannot replace. Every step needs to be completed by the children themselves, and the gentle eyes of parents are the greatest encouragement to them. Darlings, we have been silently waiting for you to become the best version of yourself. Come on!

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