The words her daughter begged made her mother feel ashamed…

\”Mom, please stop looking at your phone and play with Yaya for a while.\” My daughter\’s almost begging voice touched my heart again. I suddenly woke up, yes! Why did I play with my mobile phone again while playing with my children? I secretly made up my mind to change it in the future. Thinking about it carefully, my daughter is so young and can watch animations regularly according to my requirements, but why am I, an adult, seduced by my mobile phone. \”Well, mom promises you that you will never look at your phone again when playing with Yaya.\” This is a promise I made to my daughter, and it is also a review of myself. In fact, my daughter\’s request is very simple, nothing more than \”company\”. I have always thought that I did a good job in accompanying my daughter. Because I suffered deeply from being separated from my parents when I was a child, from the day I got pregnant, I promised to protect my children more in the future. When I was 11 years old, my parents followed the army of migrant workers to work in the city in order to improve their family conditions, leaving me and my 8-year-old brother in the care of my grandparents. I started to fall ill a few days after my parents left, and no matter how much treatment I received, there was no improvement. My uncle took me to the county hospital to have my blood drawn and an electrocardiogram done, but there were no problems, but I was still dizzy and nauseous. \”She must be missing her mother.\” The uncle told grandma. Frankly speaking, at that moment I wanted to ask my grandma to let my parents come back, even if only my mother came back. But even when I was sick, whenever my parents called me, my grandma would only report the good news but not the bad news. She never revealed to my mother how much I missed them. Adults never listen to a child\’s voice. In their eyes, I am just a \”child\”. In fact, many times, I really want my parents to come back, but my shyness and self-esteem make me hesitate to speak every time. Since then, I have become taciturn and depressed. The child in class who had the courage to raise his hand regardless of whether he was right or wrong disappeared. Gradually, I became inferior to others and was unwilling to interact with others. I often liked to stay alone quietly, and my academic performance was not as good as before. But the younger brother is just the opposite. After his parents went to work, he was like a wild horse running wild. He didn\’t like to study, and his grades were at the bottom. He wanders around every day, and sometimes no one can even be found while eating. Until now, my younger brother often contradicts his parents, but he is only willing to listen to me. Perhaps, those years of staying behind have already planted deep roots in his heart. Children without their parents feel lonely and insecure. Frankly speaking, during those years when I was left behind, I felt like an isolated grass in the wilderness, swaying in the wind and suffering the ravages of wind, snow, rain and dew. Later, my family\’s conditions improved, and my parents returned to their hometown to make a living. Although there were some warm ripples in my heart, I had already gone to an ordinary high school at that time, and the barrier of time made me no longer want to be close to my mother. The family affection is still there, but the intimacy between each other has long been estranged. The \”strange\” buried in my heart still exists. I have never been able to let go of those days without my parents. So in the rest of my high school career, no matter how hard I studied, my test scores were still high and low, and I was only admitted to an ordinary college. It is based on my own experience, so now no matter howNo matter how difficult it is, I will keep my daughter with me. I remember that when my daughter was 10 months old, my husband’s company was experiencing an economic downturn. Even though I couldn’t even repay the mortgage with my income for half a year, I still defied everyone’s opinions and gave up the idea of ​​sending my child back to my hometown. I insisted on keeping my child with me because I didn’t want my child to live a life like my childhood without my parents. In my heart, I always believe that money can be earned again, but if you miss the growth of your children, you will miss it forever. Children who are accompanied by their parents feel safe, confident, courageous, knowledgeable, and dare to express themselves and communicate. Naturally, they also have some positive energy for their better growth. But now, I am trapped by a small mobile phone, because the mobile phone misses the opportunity to communicate with the children, because the mobile phone misses the time of playing games with the children, because the mobile phone misses the daily growth of the children. I saw a picture on the Internet before: a hundred years ago our ancestors were lying on the kang and smoking cigarettes, but now we are lying on the sofa playing with our mobile phones. Smoking opium harms one person and affects the whole family, but playing with mobile phones also harms one person and affects the next generation. A colleague told me that her daughter, who is in junior high school, once said this: \”Now you enjoy playing with your mobile phone, but in the future you will have to accept the loneliness of not being with you.\” What a sharp-tongued child, what speechless words. The children\’s words made me suddenly realize: companionship is not just a person, but a sincere heart. The best companionship is physical interaction and spiritual communication. In fact, I am quite grateful to my daughter. She made me realize my shortcomings and made me understand my responsibilities as a parent. Use a sincere heart to care for the growth of your children, use a sincere love to accompany your children\’s growth, put down your mobile phones, work with your children, and treat our children with the same enthusiasm for mobile phones.

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