There are skills in postpartum care. Mothers should “care” for these 3 places.

Introduction: \”It is not easy to give birth to a baby, but it is even harder to raise a baby.\” This simple sentence expresses the difficulty and hardship of becoming a mother. But only anyone who has actually been a mother can truly understand the meaning of this sentence. Pregnant mothers, in particular, not only endure physical pain during pregnancy, but also face many problems after giving birth, such as body deformation, severe damage to vitality, physical weakness, etc. It is really a headache. In fact, after giving birth to a baby, every mother will experience a \”severe loss of vitality\” to some extent, and may also have some \”such and such\” physical problems. At this time, it is useless to complain blindly. Master certain postpartum care tips. Although your body cannot return to its peak, as long as you take care of it carefully, you can still restore your body to its best condition. The case is like that of my best friend’s colleague Xiaoli. Now after leaving home, when she tells others that she has two children, basically no one dares to believe it. She is young and beautiful, with firm skin and full of vitality. Especially her waist looks really slim. It is hard to believe that the person in front of her is already the mother of two children. Compared with other people who have given birth to children, Xiaoli\’s condition is indeed better than others. Not only is the difference in body shape and appearance, but also the physique and physical condition are much better than others. There is no bloated feeling at all, and there are no postpartum sequelae that other people encounter. People like Xiaoli are indeed very enviable by everyone. After giving birth, her figure and physical condition are as if she had never given birth, and they are still in their original state. But in fact, you don’t just have to envy others, you can actually make others envy you. How about the book \”Golden Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement\” pdf download ultra-clear [Precautions during confinement + confinement recipes + newborn care] In the past, old people always said that \”you lose a tooth when you give birth to a child\”, \”you lose a lot of energy\” \”Injuries\” will happen, but as long as you pay attention to certain postpartum care \”tips\”, it is not impossible for your body to completely return to its best condition. Next, let us take a look at what are the tips for postpartum care? The most important thing is to \”care\” and protect these three places. 1. Physical protection is first of all physical \”protection\”. After giving birth, the first thing pregnant mothers have to face is weakness, pain and lochia discharge. At this time, you must take adequate rest. While resting, you can do some gentle exercises, which can greatly promote the body\’s recovery. At the same time, when caring for the body, avoid contact with cold water, avoid all kinds of physical labor, and avoid the problem of wind and cold. Only in this way can mothers have a better recovery environment and avoid postpartum sequelae. 2. Psychological protection Next is psychological \”protection\”. Many people ignore this issue, but in fact, postpartum care also includes psychological care. It is possible that after giving birth, the mother will be worried about not being able to take care of the child, or may have various psychological problems because she has been ignored by her family. At this time, the mother must first learn to look away, maintain a happy mood, and have a good attitude.. Family members should also pay attention, especially the husband of the mother, be more understanding and considerate of his wife, listen to his wife\’s thoughts, try to share the wife\’s responsibility for raising children, ease the mother\’s psychology, and keep the mother in a relaxed and happy mood. Keeping the mother\’s mental health not only helpful for the mother\’s recovery, but also beneficial to the baby\’s physical development. 3. Dietary protection The last part is about dietary \”protection\”, which is crucial. Properly arranging the mother\’s diet will not only help the mother\’s recovery, but also make her milk more abundant. It will also help improve the quality of her milk, allowing her child to \”eat well and grow strong.\” After giving birth to a baby, a mother\’s vitality is greatly weakened. Often her first thought is to drink \”all kinds of soups\” to replenish her milk quickly so that she can produce more milk, so that her baby can eat more. But you must be careful not to overfeed. After giving birth, you must avoid all kinds of greasy food, avoid spicy and cold food, and avoid all kinds of junk snacks, because such food not only does not guarantee the quality of milk, but It can also easily cause the mother\’s figure to slowly lose shape. Pregnant women should adhere to the three principles of being green, nutritious, and balanced, eat more fruit protein, and supplement with trace elements and vitamins. Eating less but more accurately will not only meet the nutritional needs, but will not increase the burden of absorption on the mother\’s body. In this way, it will help the physical and psychological recovery after childbirth. Postpartum mothers must \”focus on protecting\” these areas and master some tips that need to be paid attention to after giving birth. At the same time, it also includes some precautions that need to be avoided. I hope that mothers and their families can pay more attention to their own bodies and the healthy development of their babies. After giving birth, the mother should try her best to take care of her body to avoid various sequelae. Finally, I hope that every mother’s physical condition can return to its peak, and that every family can be happy and harmonious. Mommies, how do you quickly recover your body after giving birth? Do you have any other tips on postpartum care?

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