There are these dangers of buying too many toys! It\’s not too late to see now

Many parents believe that the more toys there are, the more helpful they will be for their baby\’s intellectual development. Therefore, they enter the buying and selling mode and cannot stop at all. There are piles of children\’s toys everywhere in the bedroom, living room, and study room. However, does your baby really need so many toys? Does the baby like it, or does the parent like it? I have a lot of toys, but I\’m not happy. Jiaqi just entered the first grade this year. Within a few days of school, the head teacher \”called the parents.\” The reason is that Jiaqi often carries a bag of toys to school, including stuffed bears, building blocks, and various styles of Barbie dolls. The teacher also reported that Jiaqi often secretly puts her hands into her schoolbag during class and returns them during class. Barbie dressed and combed her hair… Jiaqi\’s mother was very angry. When she got home, she asked Jiaqi why she brought toys to school. Jiaqi\’s answer surprised the whole family. Jiaqi lowered her head and said, \”You only buy them for me.\” Toys don\’t play with me, so I have to play with Barbie…\” Toys cannot replace parent-child games. Nowadays, living standards have improved, especially for children with better family conditions. It is normal for children to have baskets of toys. In addition, parents are busy at work and have less and less time to spend with their children, so they hope to buy more toys to make their children happier. However, no amount of toys can replace the company of parents. The interaction between parents and children is more important than toys and is more helpful to children’s growth. In addition to happiness, children in infancy and early childhood need a sense of security, and this sense of security can only be given by their parents. Children who have been surrounded by toys since childhood often develop a dependence on toys. Over time, the child is unwilling to make real friends and tell his parents what is in his heart, because he feels that only toys will never leave him and only toys are his. The most obedient. Only buy the right toys. Too many toys will harm the baby. Too many toys affect concentration. Babies before the age of 3 are easily attracted to things. When there are many toys of all kinds in front of them, the baby will fumble here and there. He touches and plays with each toy, but it doesn\’t last long, he doesn\’t cherish the toys, and finally throws them all aside. Therefore, don’t give your baby too many toys, just one or two, so that your baby will be more focused on playing. At the same time, don’t give your baby too many toys frequently, so that your baby can concentrate on one toy. • Age-inappropriate toys affect IQ development. Premature research on toys with complex functions is not only detrimental to the development of IQ, but will also affect intelligence. For example, early education machines, children\’s smart phones, electronic remote control toys, etc. are not recommended before the baby is 3 years old. Use: Before the age of 6, try to choose educational toys that combine hands-on ability and divergent thinking.

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