These three bad habits of parents are most easily imitated by their children! Change it immediately after reading it

Almost all the male members of Youma\’s family are old smokers. My grandfather, grandpa, father, uncle, uncle, uncle… all smoke. Every time during the holidays, when they get together, the house feels like a fire, and the living room is filled with smoke and irritating eyes. I once asked my grandma angrily: \”When did my dad and uncle learn to smoke? You don\’t care about them?\” My grandma pursed her toothless mouth and muttered: \”Huh, I can control them. ? Your dad was only 7 years old at that time, and he followed me to someone else’s house to eat happy noodles (full moon wine). When the dinner was over, the adults walked out with cigarettes in their mouths, and your dad followed them and followed them, holding a cigarette in his mouth. I\’ve beaten him so many times, but it\’s useless. It\’s not easy to learn well; it\’s hard to learn bad things every time you learn…\” In fact, my grandma\’s last words were also full of helplessness. Although she knew that smoking was not good, in an environment where parents took the lead in smoking, Here, it is so easy to prevent children from smoking! Every child will not grow up on his own for no reason. A child\’s growth must be a process of \”learning from\” his parents. We often say, \”This child really looks like his parents\” and \”This child is exactly like his father\”… In fact, the \”resemblance\” we talk about not only refers to appearance, but also personality, habits, and upbringing. Children in their early years have the strongest curiosity and imitation abilities in their lives. In the process of getting along with their parents day and night, whether they speak or behave, they will be imprinted by their parents and stay with them throughout their lives. It is not easy to learn well; it is not easy to learn bad things. The following common bad habits are most easily imitated by children, so parents must pay attention! Dad doesn’t do housework. Every time topics such as “Dad does little housework” and “Dad doesn’t take care of the family” are mentioned in articles, there are always male readers who leave comments and curse: “You mom, what nonsense are you talking about? If I stay at home all day long, Who is going out to make money when the table is being swept?\” \”This beautiful mother knows how to please women all day long. Do you know how tired men are?\” \”Women are really short-sighted…\” Every time I see these messages, I feel helpless. The male readers who left messages have been emphasizing one thing: I am very tired from work, so I don’t do housework. In fact, everyone knows that it is very difficult for fathers to work hard for their families and careers. It is understandable and should be understood if they take more rest after get off work. But the question is, is it necessarily easy for mothers? In fact, in many families, mothers not only have to go to work normally like men, but also have to cook, clean up the housework after get off work, and take care of the children… The trivial and hard work content of these tasks is actually not weaker than Men are working hard outside. Therefore, the reason for avoiding housework on the grounds that work is tiring is somewhat untenable. It is worth noting that as the children grow older, the father\’s role as a role model and benchmark in the child\’s growth will become more and more obvious. Little boys will often fantasize about \”becoming a person like their father\”, and little girls may fantasize about \”marrying a father.\” Someone like dad.\” At this time, if the father is a man who does not care about housework except work, on the one hand, it is easy for the child to develop sloppy and lazy habits, and on the other hand, it will also mislead the child\’s psychological growth: the boy thinks that \”women do all the housework.\” What to doIt is easy for girls to develop chauvinism and straight male cancer; girls think that \”these chores are done by us women\”, which will form character traits of inferiority and self-denial. When choosing a mate and working, they always feel inferior to others. Fathers\’ participation in family life, and even their words and deeds, affect their children\’s outlook on life and mate selection, so all fathers must pay attention to it. In fact, many mothers want to lose their temper and yell. I am the gentle and amiable princess in my children\’s hearts, but there are always endless worries and pressures in my life: I have to deal with busy work, miscellaneous housework, and even look at my husband\’s face from time to time… If you are angry, if you encounter a child who is disobedient, it will explode in an instant, and nagging and scolding will definitely be inevitable. It doesn\’t matter if you lose your temper and nag occasionally. After all, everyone gets angry sometimes, but scolding your child regularly will Or couples often quarrel, which is very detrimental to the growth of children. One situation is that children who live in scolding and quarrels will become like their parents, unable to manage and control their emotions well. As a result, he becomes a grumpy, irritable, and impulsive person. Such a child always behaves like a \”thorny head\” whether in class or in life, and is prone to conflicts with friends and tense interpersonal relationships. . Once they reach adolescence, parents have no control at all. Another situation is that children who live in scolding and quarrels have been \”shocked\” by the bad family environment since childhood, and have been in a state of fear and extremely insecure. Such children , the character will become very withdrawn, low self-esteem, weak, lack of opinion, and easily deceived and encouraged by others. It is worth noting that girls living in bad family environments are often extremely insecure and eager to get help from someone other than their father. They get the compensation of a sense of security from other men. However, because they are too eager, they are often deceived by some sweet talk, so they meet scumbags one after another, and they themselves dare not leave the scumbag for fear of not finding him. Even better… Addicted to mobile phones and games. Every weekend and holiday, one of the most troublesome problems for parents is that their children play with mobile phones. Not only do they procrastinate on their homework, but their eyes are also so tired that they are close to myopia. In fact, this is the case on the Internet. Today, with the popularity of mobile phones, it is impossible to completely restrict children\’s use of mobile phones. And many times, the more restrictive parents are, the more curious their children are about mobile phones and games. However, mobile phones and games have a lot of attraction for children. It does not mean that children will become addicted as soon as they are exposed to these things. The reason why many children are addicted to mobile phones is that they have not established better and healthier other hobbies; and the second is because parents themselves are very addicted to playing with mobile phones. This is A very important reason. Many parents always ask: “Why don’t my children like to read? \”How to cultivate children\’s interest in reading?\” \”In fact, the answer is very simple: We ourselves don\’t have the habit of reading. As soon as we get home, we lie on the sofa and check WeChat and play games. How can we ask our children to study quietly? Teacher Luo Jing, a doctor of psychology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Youfang, a special lecturer who teaches his son, is a friend of Youmafriend. I once told her that my child was difficult to manage and disobedient. She said a few words and I didn’t know what to say for a long time: When a child is just born, are there good or bad? No, it\’s just a clean white paper with no personality, no habits, and no hobbies. So, if a child who was originally neither good nor bad comes into your hands and has been raised by you for five or six years, and begins to have various problems, whose responsibility do you think it is?

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