Things you must remember about sex during pregnancy

When you go to the hospital for a prenatal check-up in the first trimester, the doctor will more or less remind the father and mother that the baby is not stable in the early stage and cannot engage in sexual intercourse. When the baby is more stable in the second trimester, appropriate sexual intercourse can be performed. However, there are some details. Fortunately, you need to pay attention to it. It is good for your body and the baby during pregnancy. Let me tell you what they are specifically. Don’t be shy. This is something everyone should know. Please read it carefully. First, when it comes to sexual intercourse during pregnancy, you should also remember that wearing condoms is mainly to prevent pregnancy. This situation is unlikely to occur during pregnancy, so many people think that it is unnecessary. In fact, this is wrong. In addition to preventing pregnancy, condoms are not necessary. In addition to pregnancy, it can also reduce the risk of infection to a certain extent. During pregnancy, women\’s secretions will increase, and the immunity of the reproductive system will also decrease, making it easy to be infected by fungi. Therefore, couples must do appropriate cleaning work before engaging in sexual intercourse. If combined with the protection of condoms, the probability of infection will be reduced. It will become less. Another reminder, if a woman develops vaginitis during her life, she must go to the hospital for examination and treatment, otherwise it will further affect the growth of the fetus, lead to intrauterine infection, and indirectly affect the health of the fetus. Another point that people tend to overlook is that if pregnant women have vaginitis, their emotional fluctuations will be more obvious, which is not good for themselves and their fetuses, so you must pay attention. If you don\’t pay attention to this matter, the price you will have to pay later is beyond your imagination. Second, it is not recommended for couples to have sex in the third trimester of pregnancy. Most people know that it is not suitable for sexual intercourse in the first trimester because it can lead to miscarriage. However, few people know that sexual intercourse is not suitable in the third trimester of pregnancy, especially in the last two months of labor. months. When you are about 8 months pregnant, the fetus has matured and is about to be born. At this time, the couple\’s behavior will stimulate the fetus to deliver prematurely, which is extremely detrimental to the fetus, because premature babies will have more or less problems. , the physical fitness will be relatively poor. From this point of view, parents should take the initiative to restrain their own behavior. Thirdly, this point of grasping the strength is for expectant fathers. Expectant fathers must watch it carefully! Expectant fathers must pay attention to the couple\’s behavior in the second trimester. They should not be too forceful, which will cause irritation to the fetus. In addition, they also need to pay attention to the choice of posture. The posture must be a posture that the pregnant mother feels comfortable, otherwise it will directly affect the fetus. Third, don’t do it too frequently. Everything will be fine in the second trimester. The fetus still needs to be protected. Couples can have appropriate sexual intercourse in the second trimester, but it shouldn’t be too frequent. Generally, once a week is enough. If it’s too frequent, the pregnancy in the expectant mother’s belly will be The baby will be unhappy. Fifth, the expectant father should take care of the expectant mother\’s emotions. Many times, the expectant father will not pay attention to the expectant mother\’s emotions during the couple\’s behavior. No one wants to be cared for. In such a situation, the expectant mother will definitely There will be a greater sense of loss, and the mood will be bad afterwards, and it will be easy to be irritable, which may even make pregnant mothers extremely disgusted with the couple\’s behavior. Expectant mothers during pregnancy are relatively fragile and sensitive. One reason is social pressure.One factor is the change of hormones, so the father-to-be must pay attention to this. Don\’t just focus on his own feelings and needs. Only by paying attention to the emotions of the mother-to-be can the whole process be more harmonious. The behavior of husband and wife is a very important part of the marriage relationship. If it is not done well, it will directly affect the relationship between husband and wife, the family atmosphere and the education of future children. Therefore, this seemingly simple behavior actually has a lot of knowledge, and expectant fathers and mothers alike Be careful, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life if you make a mistake, and it will be too late to regret it by then. Finally, I would like to remind you that not all women can engage in sexual intercourse during the second trimester. They must be evaluated by a doctor before doing so. Don’t do it randomly.

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