Things you should pay attention to in early pregnancy, it will be better if you do a good job in fetal development

The health of the fetus is closely related to the mother. During pregnancy, the mother must pay attention to her own behavior to avoid unnecessary accidents to the fetus. For example, the following four things should be paid attention to by pregnant mothers after pregnancy, and they must not be willful. Change your underwear to maternity-specific underwear. During pregnancy, mothers should stop wearing ordinary underwear and must change to maternity-specific underwear. Because women’s physique is relatively sensitive during pregnancy, not only will they produce a lot of secretions, but their waist circumference will also continue to increase. Ordinary underwear cannot change with the changes in the waist. As the belly continues to change, it is easy to pinch the abdomen. In the long run, The pressure coming down will make the mother feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers wear high-waisted underwear specifically for pregnant women during pregnancy. The fabric has high elasticity and good breathability. As the belly continues to grow, high-waisted underwear can wrap around the entire abdomen, not only keeping warm, but also supporting the abdomen. The function can reserve space for the baby\’s growth. Clothes should be loose and comfortable. After a woman is pregnant, as the fetus continues to grow, the abdomen will also continue to grow. If she wears clothes that are too tight, it will easily squeeze the abdomen, thus affecting the blood circulation of the whole body. Pregnant mothers should be careful when dressing. Be sure to choose loose and comfortable cotton clothes. Moreover, mothers’ bodies tend to sweat easily during pregnancy, so clothes should have good breathability and sweat-absorbing properties, so that they will be more comfortable for mothers to wear. Don’t be picky about food. Some pregnant mothers have the habit of being picky about food before becoming pregnant. After pregnancy, they must put an end to this bad habit. Because mothers usually have varying degrees of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy and eat less. If they are picky eaters, the nutrition in their bodies will definitely be unbalanced. If the mother cannot even guarantee her own normal nutritional needs, let alone meet the growth needs of the fetus. . Therefore, for the health of herself and her fetus, mothers must get rid of the bad habit of being picky about food. In terms of diet, they must pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables and a balanced nutrition. Don’t stay up late. During pregnancy, some mothers often stay up late to watch TV dramas, check Weibo, and browse Taobao. In the long run, this will not only cause damage to their own brain cells, headaches, dizziness, and memory loss, but also lead to endocrine disorders. , affecting one\’s own health. What\’s more important is that pregnant mothers staying up late for a long time will affect the body\’s metabolism, causing the baby to not absorb enough nutrients. In addition, lack of sleep during pregnancy will also affect the weight of the fetus, causing the baby to be underweight after birth, which is not good for the baby\’s health. [The most complete and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen late pregnancy music for free listening. After pregnancy, the health of the pregnant mother is directly related to the health of the fetus, so for the better development of the fetus, you must pay attention to the above 4 things. , cannot be as willful as before pregnancy.

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