This kind of mother will destroy three generations

Zheng Yuanjie said: \”A child\’s growth depends on his mother or his mother.\” What Bill Gates\’ mother said hit home the point: \”The competition between two nations is, after all, the competition between two mothers.\” Although she has left her hometown a lot, Years have passed, but I am still deeply impressed by my mother. The mother of a young child, according to seniority, I should call her \”aunt\”. The aunt in this memory loved to be petty, and even though her husband usually tolerated her, he would inevitably quarrel from time to time. I remember one year during the Lantern Festival, their family made an appointment to go to the square to watch the lanterns at night. But the uncle\’s leader had to go out of town for a meeting at short notice, so the uncle, who was the driver, sent the leader to the train station first. On the way, my aunt called her uncle many times and asked him to come back as soon as possible after seeing off the leader. Maybe it was the festival and there was some traffic on the road, so my uncle ended up wasting time watching the lanterns. After my uncle came back, my aunt cried, complained, and acted mean-spiritedly, but she refused to listen. Her husband had nothing to do but was so annoyed that he kept fanning himself like crazy, until his face turned red. In this way, Auntie will stop fussing. My aunt is not only bad-tempered towards her husband, but she also \”roars like a lion from the east of the river\” to her children. She yells at her children even if they don\’t eat. She also yells when the children are at odds with each other. She also complains and vents to her family members about any unsatisfactory things she does. Not only that, this aunt also loves to play mahjong. A group of men and women with the same hobby often gather at home to play mahjong, crackling, smoky, and dark, and often forget to cook because of this. My mother once kindly reminded her that if the house is so noisy, how can the children do their homework and have a good rest? But she was very confused: \”Can\’t we play mahjong for this?\” The result was undoubtedly that none of the three children had any academic achievements. They all dropped out of school after finishing junior high school, or went to a random school. Technical school, or enter the society to work early. It is said that women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. If a woman marries the wrong man, her life will be ruined. In fact, is this not the case for men? Isn\’t there an old saying in China – marrying the wrong wife will ruin three generations. If a man marries a wife with bad morals and incorrect outlook, she will destroy her parents, herself, and her children. Just like my mother when I was little, she complained about the partiality of my parents-in-law all day long, got angry with my parents-in-law, and went against the second son’s family, which made the family very restless. In the end, the quarrel got out of hand, and the second brother\’s family bluntly cut off relations with the eldest brother and would never have any contact with each other until death. It\’s a pity for the two old people, caught in the middle, in a dilemma. Originally, when I was young, my father was doing a good job in a state-owned enterprise, but my aunt didn\’t like it and just took such a small salary. Looking at the business people in the alley, all of them have become nouveau riche, so they encouraged their husbands to quit their jobs and start their own business. Over the years, I have opened supermarkets, opened furniture stores, and sold textiles, but I have never been able to work for long. I worked a lot and didn’t make much money. Her husband is now over fifty, and he still has to work everywhere like young adults. At that time, colleagues in state-owned enterprises were drinking tea, walking and enjoying their old age. The three children in their family are even more incomprehensible. Fa Xiaojin has learned from his mother and has known how to yell at his younger brothers and sisters since he was a child. I once saw her at her house because the food her parents cooked was not good enough.He threw his chopsticks and closed the door if he liked it. I once saw him throwing a wooden stool at his brother because he ate an extra chicken leg. And her younger brother is not an easy man either. At a young age, he was notified by the school and asked his parents for fighting many times. He even accidentally cut someone\’s aorta during a fight. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and the two families were able to stay private. Because her sister was the second child, her parents often ignored her, and coupled with the lack of family education, she turned into a little girl at a young age. She wore colorful braids and heavy makeup all day long and posted selfies in WeChat Moments. It can be seen that it is easy for an unqualified mother to destroy her children and destroy her family. Because she is like a pervasive chronic poison, infecting her every day, brainwashing her from time to time, for years and months, and ultimately leaving the whole family with nowhere to escape. In a sense, a woman\’s role is not just a woman, but also a reasonable wife, a loving and nurturing mother, and a person who spreads warmth and love in the family. A good wife and mother, like a famous school, will make the husband better, make the children happier and healthier, and make the family happier and warmer. We all know that the generally popular family model in China is \”men take care of the outside world and women take care of the house.\” The burden of educating children falls more on us women. Although we disagree very much, we have to admit that most of us are practicing this kind of thinking. Therefore, mothers spend much more time with their children than fathers, and their influence on their children is also greater than that of fathers. Therefore, the influence of a low-frequency father is far less powerful than he imagined. The mother\’s words and deeds are subtle, good or bad, and will have an indelible impact on the child. A gentle, kind and reasonable mother, and a mother with a bad temper who gets into trouble with her husband over trivial matters; a positive and optimistic mother, and a mother who complains about everything; a far-sighted mother, and a short-sighted, greedy mother. Mothers with immediate interests, the children they cultivate and educate, are definitely not on the same starting line. It is no exaggeration to say that a mother can determine the fate of three or even several generations. If a mother has bad morals, incorrect outlook, and no education, it will be a devastating blow to the entire family.

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